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Mucros Weavers Ladies Blue Plaid Newsboy Hat


■ Wool Mucros Weavers Newsboy Hat 
■ Leather Rosette Detail
■ Muckross Weavers Collection
■ Made in Ireland


For a chic fall and winter accessory that you can truly wear with anything, add this Mucros Weavers Blue Plaid Newsboy Hat to your accessory collection. This hat is made of wool, so it will keep your head nice and warm out in the frigid winds with superior durability, breathability, and insulation.

This hat is a modern, feminine take on the traditional newsboy hat. It boasts the newsboy hat’s classic full-bodied silhouette that creates a striking presence, but it has some fresh touches like a short, rounded brim at the front that is complemented by a band detail above and a leather rosette flower at the side, adding some daintiness and dimension.

For adjustable comfort is an elasticized band at the back of the cap that can not only accommodate various head sizes but also certain hairstyles. What makes this hat truly versatile and chic is its sleek black color that will not only upgrade any outfit but can also be paired with pieces of various colors and textures, from denim, tweed, and cashmere to pastels and dark colors.

If you’re looking for a stylish and easy way to dress up your fall and winter looks, this newsboy hat is the accessory for you!