Patrick Francis

Celtic Design Forest Green Wool Scarf


■ Made from 100% Wool to ensure warmth, coziness, and durability 
■ Features a Celtic design depicting Knots that symbolize the interconnectedness 
■ The hanging tassel trim offers a playful and charming finishing touch 
■ The scarf is 68" Long x 16" Wide, big enough to wrap around yourself comfortably 
■ We recommend dry cleaning only to prevent shrinking and other damage


This visually stunning garment by Patrick Francis is designed in Ireland. A wholly special and authentically Irish piece, it features an arresting design with an array of intricate Celtic Knots and swirls across the entirety of the piece. The Celtic Knot is a special symbol with a lot of significance in Celtic culture. It is said to represent strength, interconnectedness, and eternity.

A gorgeous statement addition to any ensemble, the scarf is adorned with a hanging knit tassel trim that complements its beautiful two-tone imagery. The delicate tassel trim is the perfect finishing touch that adds playfulness to the design. Make your outfit bold and beautiful while staying cozy and warm with this lovely scarf!