Patrick Francis

Celtic Book of Kells Large Fashion Scarf


■ Crafted from 100% polyester, this scarf provides exceptional durability, softness, and easy maintenance for long-lasting comfort and enjoyment
■ The design features intricate motifs that resemble the illustrations in the Book of Kells on a cream and burgundy palette
■ Sized at 70.8" x 41" so you can easily adjust it around the neck, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit
■ Combining Irish heritage, fashion, and symbolism, this scarf is a heartfelt present for a lady


Our Cream and Burgundy Book of Kells Scarf is an exquisite accessory that seamlessly combines Irish heritage, artistic elegance, and deep symbolism.
Crafted with attention to detail, this scarf is made from 100% polyester, a soft, durable and easy to care material for long-lasting comfort and enjoyment.
The captivating design of this scarf resembles the motifs found in the Book of Kells. Its cream and burgundy palette beautifully complements the elaborate hues and patterns, serving as a wearable testament to the artistry and cultural significance of the Book of Kells.
Measuring at a generous 70.8 inches in length and 41 inches in width, this scarf offers versatility and convenience. Whether gracefully draped or stylishly wrapped, it easily adjusts to your preferred style, ensuring a comfortable and effortlessly chic fit around your neck.
This scarf holds a deeper meaning, making it an ideal gift for anyone with an appreciation for spirituality. By combining Irish heritage, fashion, and symbolism, it embodies a heartfelt message of connection, inspiration, and spiritual journey. It is a thoughtful present that celebrates the intertwining threads of culture, faith, and personal expression.