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Mucros Weavers Skellig Purple & Green Scarf


■ 87% Extra Fine Merino Wool/8% Polyamide/5% Cashmere
■ 2” Fringe Trim
■ Dimensions: 62” L x 9” W
■ Mucros Weavers Collection
■ Made in Ireland


Whimsical hues of purple and green reminiscent of the night sky and foliage of Ireland come together beautifully in this Muckross Weaving Skellig Purple & Green Scarf.

This piece is made of a diverse fabric blend that makes it wonderfully comfortable to wear and durable. The extra fine Merino wool that is 87% of the fabric makeup is soft, insulating, and breathable, while the 8% polyamide component lends great flexibility and moisture resistance, and the 5% cashmere adds more luxurious softness and warmth.

In a unique textured design that features color-blocking highlighted with stripes and overlapping color details, this piece will brighten up anyone’s day with delicate hues of purple, green, and grey. Adding a cute and dainty touch is a 2-inch fringe trim at the borders that makes this scarf extra fun to wear.

Handwoven on a 200-year loom in Killarney, Ireland, this scarf is authentically Irish and makes a great gift for girls and women of all ages!