Saol Crew Neck Aran Sweater


■ Crafted from a Merino wool blend that has been hand-selected for maximum comfort, durability, and fit.

■ Crew neck designed to complement any button-down for dressing up, or wear it on its own for a more relaxed, casual look. The classic unisex design is great for men’s or women’s wardrobes.

■ Traditional Aran stitching available in the following designs: honeycomb, symbolizing the industrious honeybee; the basket stitch, which is said to bring good luck; and the cable stitch, symbolizing safe and fruitful trips for fishermen.


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Our iconic, cozy Irish Crew Neck Aran Sweater is a winter staple for both men and women and is guaranteed to keep you safe from icy chills and ocean winds alike. Each Aran sweater we ship is manufactured from brand new, 100% Irish-sourced wool, and absolutely will not fail in its mission to keep you toasty (and looking stylish at the same time). Its incredible durability coupled with its adaptive, timeless style, has led to its steadily increasing popularity around the world. It is by far one of our most popular items and we have made sure to offer an Aran sweater that truly honors the heritage of this classic garment that has been worn for generations in Ireland. Taking its name from the Aran Islands where the first Aran fisherman sweaters were knitted from unscoured wool, these hardy garments have since made a name for themselves as a must-have for Ireland’s coastal fishermen and those who live along its windy coastal shores.

The unscoured, or unwashed wool, retained natural oils, making the sweater water-resistant when tightly woven into one of the iconic patterns we offer today. These sweaters have remained virtually unchanged since they were first introduced in the 1890s by fishermen’s wives helping their husbands stay dry and warm while out at sea. Although today we typically use softer wool referred to as Merino (and wash the sheep oils out of it!), the design and overall construction of the sweater is just as durable, comfortable, and warm as the first ones worn along the Aran Islands.

Although the sweater did not become more popular outside of Ireland until the early to mid-20th century, it has always served as an important symbol of the unparalleled ruggedness and warmth of the Irish people, not to mention giving the world a taste of the Island’s unmatched style. Beginning life as a handful of wool plucked from a small field in the Aran Islands, each sweater becomes a unique, irreplaceable part of the wearer’s wardrobe for decades.

We are proud to offer Aran Crew Neck Sweaters that live up to the same standards as the fishermen’s wives who hand-knitted the first Aran sweaters over a century ago. And you’ll be just as warm and protected from the harsh, cold winds as the husbands who wore them while out to sea!

These Aran sweaters are excellent options for dressing up or down and are essential for all who love or long for Irish coastal life. And don’t forget! In addition to offering free shipping anywhere within the U.S., we also offer a free Aran knitted scarf with the purchase of any of our extremely popular sweaters. Don’t delay! Order yours today before they are gone!