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Traditional Men's Crew Neck Aran Sweater


■ Knitted in Ireland with 100% worsted wool, a fine, smooth, and strong natural material that provides long-lasting comfort
■ Produced by the well-known Irish brand Aran Woollen Mills, a leading Aran knitwear manufacturer
■ This sweater is finely finished with traditional Aran stitches including Cable, Honeycomb, and Diamond 
■ Stylish and warm crewneck design that promises unlimited styling possibilities
■ To maintain the sweater at its best, hand wash in cold water and dry on a flat surface



If your winter wardrobe needs a refresh, this Traditional Men's Crew Neck Aran Sweater is the ideal acquisition. Made of 100% worsted wool, this Irish sweater is durable, cozy, and guarantees the highest levels of comfort. The sweater is soft to the touch and moisture resistant, making it perfect for cold, humid days. What makes this piece truly unique is the cultural authenticity provided by its design. The design incorporates a wide range of Aran stitches, such as Cable, Honeycomb, and Diamond. These stitches have a long history and have been passed down to generations of Irish men and women. The Aran stitches were traditionally worn on various knitwear by Irish fishermen, each pattern having its own particular significance. For instance, the cable stitch mirrors the ropes used by the islanders when fishing and suggests the idea of strength. The diamond represents a prayer for a bountiful catch, and the honeycomb is an ode to the bee industry that was prolific on the island. Nowadays, Aran sweaters have become one of the most recognizable fashion staples, a place where culture meets style. For the best results, hand wash this wool sweater in cold water and dry it on a flat surface. Show off your heritage in an authentic way with this chic Irish sweater.