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Assorted Design Irish Shot Glasses Pewter Accent Set of 4

Was: $49.95
Now: $43.00


■ This set consists of 4 Irish shot glasses that are adorned with pewter detailing for increased durability, resistance, and lifelong charm. 
■ Each glass features a Celtic-inspired medallion: a Dara knot inspired by infinity knots, a Trinity knot (Triquetra), a Celtic spiral (Triskele), and a four-cornered Shield knot. 
■ Each glass holds a capacity of 2 ounces, being a great accessory for your bar or kitchen, sure to bring some Celtic spirit to any party.
■ The 4 shot glasses are delicately packed in a gift box, making this set an authentic gift to be offered to anyone who loves their culture. 


If you want to bring some Celtic spirit to your parties, this fancy set of Assorted Design Irish Shot Glasses Pewter Accent Set of 4 is exactly what you need.
The set consists of 4 glasses that feature pewter detailing for increased durability and resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting and quality usage. Each glass is decorated with a unique medallion that has a Celtic-inspired design: an infinitely-looking Dara knot, a Trinity knot, a Celtic spiral, and a Shield knot. The Dara knot symbolizes strength, the three corners of the Triquetra allude to the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), the Triskele symbolizes infinity and connection, and the Shield knot is believed to bring protection against evil. Each glass can hold a capacity of 2 liquid ounces, being a great and practical accessory that will beautifully decorate your bar or kitchen.
Additionally, the glasses are carefully packed in a gift box, ready to be offered as an authentic gift for anyone who wants to be reminded of their heritage and culture.