Robert Emmet Company

Assorted Irish Shot Glasses Pewter Accent Set of 4


■ Crafted with precision, all 4 shot glasses in this set feature exquisite pewter medallions that are rust and tarnish-resistant, adding an elegant touch to your collection
■ Each glass is adorned with a different medallion – Claddagh, Shamrock, Harp, and Map of Ireland, showcasing a culturally rich design and bringing the essence of Ireland into your home
■ Each Irish glass can hold up to 2 oz of your favorite spirit, allowing you to enjoy a shot of your chosen beverage with your friends 
■ Coming in a gift box, this set by Robert Emmett Company makes a great Irish gift, perfect for celebrations and special occasions


Our Assorted Irish Shot Glasses Pewter Accent Set of 4 is a collection that will add the rich heritage and spirit of the Emerald Isle to your home.
Crafted with precision, each of the four shot glasses in this set is adorned with exquisite pewter medallions, boasting elegance and durability. These pewter accents elevate the aesthetic of the glasses and ensure they remain rust and tarnish-resistant, promising enduring charm for your collection.
Each glass features a distinct medallion, boasting a culturally-inspired design that will bring elements of Irish symbolism close to you. The iconic Claddagh ring represents love, friendship, and loyalty. The Shamrock is a symbol of good luck and represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. The Harp is a heraldic emblem of Irish sovereignty and pride, echoing throughout history. The Map of Ireland medallion encapsulates the spirit of the Emerald Isle.
The shot glasses can hold up to 2 oz of your favorite spirit, making a great collection to share a drink with your friends.
This set, created by Robert Emmett Company, embraces the essence of Irish craftsmanship and authenticity. Coming in an elegant gift box, it makes a great Irish gift that will bring a touch of Irish charm to anyone's home.