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Belleek Classic Celtic Cross Water Font

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  • Traditional Celtic Cross design- the intricate design gives the cross an authentic sacred feel held in the most profound respect and honor by the Christian populace, one of Ireland’s most ancient artistic symbols
  • Fine embossed details- the subtle ceramic detailing adds texture to this extraordinary piece of art, making it unique and special. The embossed information also have a religious connection 
  • Pre-drilled hole for hanging- the drilled hole makes it convenient for use, as the designers thought of every detail to give you the best experience when using it
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth- the Belleek Celtic cross is easy to clean, with only a wipe with a clean and dry cloth leaving it sparkling and outstanding
  • Dimensions- the Belleek Celtic Cross measures 7.5 inches in height, a perfect artifact to proudly display in your home for everyone to see


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Our gorgeous Celtic Cross Water Font has been created with precision and an intention to touch hearts and impress the eye. Renown for its exceptional line of products, Belleek has not disappointed with the creation of this magnificent piece of art. Every little detail of our Celtic cross has been carefully thought of, designed and crafted to leave a lasting impression on your mind. The product is a result of Belleek Classic Giftware Collection, and is a beautifully designed homage to that heritage, with exquisite detailing and historically accurate features. The designers and creators of the glamorous Belleek Celtic Cross took every detail to precision, bringing out a product with exclusive features with a deep religious touch. Belleek Pottery has been in production since 1849, priding itself with the creation of elegant, intricate and genuine china. The products from Belleek are a favorite of Irish and British nobility, some of the most notable being Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. The Celtic cross is one of Ireland’s most ancient contribution to the world and Christian art. the cross has a special treasured place in the country's national lore, with many stories abound of the mysterious powers behind the Celtic cross. The popularity of the Celtic cross exemplified in stories and legends, and its symbol representation is one of the most common religious artifacts not only in Ireland but the world over. Ireland is a deeply religious nation, with Christianity being the predominant religion. Owing to this the fact of the deep sacred connection, many artifacts have a religious connotation. Many enshrined and revered religious symbols have a representation of many objects, jewelry, and even pottery. One artifact that is a continuation of honoring the religious tradition is our Belleek Classic Celtic Cross Water Font. Our impressive Belleek Classic Celtic Cross Water Font can pass off as a gift to friends and family, to show them that you are thinking and praying for them. The basin is ideal for display or for holding holy water to bless the home and all those who cross the threshold. 

Product Features We Adore

Celtic Cross Design

One of Ireland's most ancient artistic symbols

Fine Ceramic Detailing

Intricately embossed detail to add texture

Decorative Water Font

Large basin for holy water or display

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