Royal Tara

Ireland Holy Water Font


■ Celtic Cross: The focal point of this water font is the Celtic cross, which is known for its broad 4 limbs and also its halo, which signifies wholeness.
■ Shamrock and Celtic Knots: At the center of the cross in this water font is the shamrock, Ireland’s national flower. The 4 limbs of the cross are decorated with elaborate Celtic knots that symbolize unending love.
■ Bronze Plating: The bronze plating on this water font gives it a distinguished look that makes it an elegant addition anywhere.
■ Dimensions: This water font stands 15.5 cm tall and 9 cm wide.


Keep your Irish heritage and Catholic faith near to your heart with this Ireland Holy Water font. This piece boasts beautiful, ornate design that features a traditional Celtic cross with its halo that symbolizes wholeness. Adorning the cross from top to bottom are intricate Celtic knots that represent eternal love shared between family and friends. At the center of the cross is the shamrock, the national flower of Ireland.

At the bottom of the cross is a miniature water basin that has ‘Ireland’ displayed across in Celtic lettering. Giving this water font a sophisticated shine is a bronze finish that gives it an elegant, formal look. Measuring 15.5 centimeters in height and 9 centimeters in width, this water font will make a wonderful addition to any Irish Catholic home!