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Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Sugar & Cream

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  • The hard handle design is practically added to the bowl to improve its strength and safety when in use
  • Seashell embossing is a unique and beautiful addition to the sugar and cream bowl
  • The hand-painted clover detail gives the excellent bowls a deep connection to the Irish religious history
  • Our durable Belleek bowl is suitable for handwashing, safety, and longevity
  • The bowl measures 3 inches in height while the sugar bowl measures 4 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches in height.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

A correctly set dinner table is the ultimate display of art, beauty, and class. Irrespective delicacies and sumptuous meals on display, the artifacts used for holding the meals are essential for any setting. There are a lot of intricate, exquisite, and outstanding pieces of art that liven up the dining table, setting up the stage for an impressive, and sumptuous engagement during the meal time. Add to your tableware our amazingly outstanding and gorgeous Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Sugar and Cream bowl to impress your friends and loved ones during meal times, no matter the occasion.
The bowl is spacious enough to adequately put your sugar and cream for use during meal times. It is convenient enough making it easy to use.
The refined sugar and cream bowl are a representation of an artist wild imagination that is both touchy and classic, bringing out the best in your dinner setting. Whether you are looking to add to your harp collection or helping someone start their own for a wedding, anniversary or birthday, the sugar bowl and cream pitcher are a beautiful and refined addition to the coffee or tea routine.
The gorgeous sugar and cream bowl represents an artistic impression that is unique, breathtaking and classy. The designers have put together incredible features making this excellent piece of art to stand out.
The bowl is a product of Belleek Pottery. A classic from the Belleek’s storied history, the Harp Collection represents Irelands thrice over.
The harp handle design signifies Ireland’s creative history of poetry and song, giving the unique and gorgeous sugar and cream bowl a connection to the rich and vast Irish traditions and culture. The designer also embraces the use of the shamrock motif, which symbolizes St. Patrick's conversion of Ireland to Catholicism. Legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach the ancient Celts about the Holy Trinity. The use of the shamrock display on the bowl gives it a connection to the profoundly religious Irish society, which has mostly made the piece more popular and a favorite to many.
The seashell embossed design reflects Ireland’s maritime heritage and status as an island nation, perpetually connected to the ocean.
The shamrocks are intricately and skillfully hand painted by Belleek’s artisans, the very finest in the pottery industry. Incredibly, the high-quality porcelain touches 16 hands before coming to the market.
Crafted from Belleek's finest china, this gorgeous item can become an heirloom and keepsake all on its own. Belleek Pottery has defined, set, and maintained standards in the fine china and porcelain industry for over a century in Ireland, regarded as the oldest of its kind in the country.
Belleek is remarkable and outstanding porcelain and excellent china company that has continuously manufactured some of the most delicate, exquisite, and unique products that have put it on the global map. The sugar and cream bowl is an addition to a list of the most beautiful refined and fantastic products from the prestigious Belleek Pottery.

Product Features We Adore

Embossed Shell Detailing

Inspired by Ireland's seafood bounty and its island status

Hand-Painted Clover Motif

Rich color detail delicately depicting Ireland's national symbol

Harp Handle Design

A clever reference to Ireland's national instrument

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