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Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Teacup & Saucer

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  • Our Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Teacup & Saucer features the original design by Frederick Slater from the 1880s
  • This teacup and saucer set includes some of the most important Irish symbols, including the Celtic harp and shamrock
  • Our Belleek Teacup & Saucer set is made by Belleek Pottery, first founded in 1857 and one of Ireland’s oldest and most well-known fine china brands
  • The teacup and saucer set is the perfect starting point for building your Irish fine china collection, or adding to an existing one
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Manufacturer: Belleek China

Originally created by Frederick Slater in the 1880s, our Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Teacup & Saucer is a true reflection of Irish quality and craftsmanship, and is a testament of Ireland’s cultural heritage. The harp-shaped handle represents not only Ireland’s history of poetry and song, it is also the official national symbol of Ireland, and has been since the early 1500s. The delicate, hand-painted shamrock motif is another cultural homage to St. Patrick and his work to bring Catholicism to Ireland beginning in the fifth century. Legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock as a representation of the Holy Trinity, three leaves connected to a single stem. This analogy is believed to have helped the Celts understand the concept of the son, father, and holy spirit, and the symbol has since stuck as an unmistakably Irish moniker and symbol of good luck. The seashell embossed design reflects Ireland’s seafaring heritage, as well as its status as and island nation lodged in the windy, chill waters of the north Atlantic.

Handmade from the ground up by Belleek craftsmen, each teacup and saucer receives the personal attention of 16 hands who each provide their own special flair of artistry and detail to the set before it ships. Our lovely teacup is 4” wide, 2.5” tall, and holds approximately 6 oz. of tea. The saucer is 5.5” diameter and contains a deep pocket in its center to securely hold the teacup to prevent it from spilling. The cup and saucer should be hand-washed in order to help preserve their delicate features and vibrant, painted designs.

We believe that our Classic Harp Shamrock Teacup & Saucer set not only pay special tribute to Ireland’s historical and cultural past, they also speak to the unprecedented quality that is baked into the heart of each and every item Belleek Pottery ships. It is for these reasons that we are eager to share Belleek products with our customers, and we are confident you will be just as excited to own a fine piece of china such as this from the very first moment you take it out of the beautiful, sturdy packaging.

Founded in 1857, Belleek Pottery is home to Ireland’s finest craftsmen and the company has long served as a favorite supplier of fine china and giftware to the royal family, specifically Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (although Belleek has been a longtime favorite to many royals around the United Kingdom). Known for their exquisite designs and Parian porcelain, Belleek has operated continually out of its headquarters in the village of Belleek in Co. Fermanagh for over 160 years. Still holding fast to the standards of excellence that have made Belleek Pottery a favorite spanning generations and the globe, there is no question our Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Teacup & Saucer set will make the ideal addition to any home or restaurant that wishes to honor the history, cultural, and timeless traditions of the Emerald Isle. We are so proud and excited to offer these unique treasures straight from Ireland itself, and no less from one of its most historic, and highest-rated companies. Please don’t forget that each order receives free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States. Don’t delay in placing your order now to add the perfect finishing touch to your family get-together or other important occasion.

Product Features We Adore

Painted by Hand

Beautiful and one-of-a-kind brush strokes unique to every piece

Harp Handle Design

A clever reference to Ireland's national instrument

Embossed Shell Detailing

Inspired by Ireland's seafood bounty and its island status

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