Royal Tara

Celtic Peacock Set of 2 Irish Tea Towels


■ Peacock Design: The peacock was a special symbol in Celtic culture that represented immortality. Celts also believed that the “eyes” in the peacock’s plumage gave the bird vision into the future.
■ Celtic Knots: Celtic knots were a memorable part of Celtic life, as their infinite loops symbolized the eternal love that Celts had for loved ones, especially those far away.
■ Triple Spiral: Like the Trinity Knot, the Triple Spiral is an homage to the number three, which Celts held sacred.
■ Made by Royal Tara: This tea towel set is made by Royal Tara, a respected Irish brand in Galway, Ireland.
■ Each Tea Towel measures H 67cm W 45cm


For a colorful addition of Celtic culture to your home, decorate your kitchen with this Celtic peacock set of 2 Irish tea towels! Setting the festive tone of these towels is an emerald green base color reminiscent of the lush fields of Ireland. Prominently featured are vivid peacocks in shades of blue, green, and brown. In Celtic culture, the peacock was honored by ancient Celts and used as a symbol of immortality.

Celts believed that the eye-like details in the peacock’s plumage enabled the bird to see the future. Also featured are entrancing Celtic knots, the intricate loops of which symbolized the unending love the Celts had for special people in their lives. Also decorating these towels are Triple Spirals, which signified the prominence of the number 3 in Celtic life. Made by Royal Tara, this towel set is one of a kind and makes a wonderful gift!