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Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Teapot

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  • Our Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Teapot is one of the most popular items we sell by Belleek Pottery and is an essential piece for any fine china collection.
  • This teapot features many important Irish cultural and historical symbols, including the Celtic harp, the shamrock, and the seashell.
  • Belleek Pottery is one of Ireland’s oldest and most well-renowned fine china producers and has been since its founding in 1857.
  • Every piece produced by Belleek Pottery passes through the hands of nearly a dozen artisans who each add their special, unique touch to the piece.
  • This handmade teapot includes free three-day shipping anywhere in the United States, so do not delay in ordering yours today!


Manufacturer: Belleek China

A teapot is the center of attention at any Irish gathering before dark, and our Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Teapot is an essential item for anyone serving house guests, or enjoying a solo cuppa. There is no classier way to prepare one of Ireland’s most treasured and time-honored drinks than with a finely made piece of fine china that also features numerous symbols of Ireland’s rich history and culture.

The design, which features the Irish harp, seashell, and shamrock, was first designed by Irish designer Frederick Slater in the 1880s. Over the past two centuries, this teapot has become one of Belleek most iconic and popular items and the company has left the design virtually untouched since its birth in the 19th century. Each symbolic element on our Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Teapot represents an important piece of Ireland’s cultural heritage. The Celtic harp, which makes up the teapot’s handle, has served as the official state symbol of Ireland since the 1500s, when Henry VII began including the instrument on flags, coins, and state documents. Harpists from this time up through the nineteenth century enjoyed elite status among other musicians and throughout society, and they served as important counselors to royalty, often living on the castle grounds or somewhere on their lord’s estate. The seashell represents the eternal connection of the Emerald Isle to the icy, windy waters of the North Atlantic, and helps remind us of the significance Irish seamen had as the glue which held together many coastal communities for centuries. The shamrock, long regarded as one of the most quintessential and iconic Irish symbols, takes its claim to fame from the island nation’s patron saint, St. Patrick. It is believed that St. Patrick used the prolific little plant to help convey the meaning of the holy trinity to the Celts when he first arrived on the Emerald Isle in 432 AD.

Our Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Teapot stands at 4.5” tall, 4” wide, and holds approximately 25 oz. of each. As the item is handmade by over a half-dozen individual craftsmen at the Belleek workshop in County Fermanagh, we recommend hand-washing this piece in order to preserve its exquisite beauty, and ensuring it will be enjoyed by your friends and family for decades to come.

Although the methods of manufacture may have evolved over the centuries, Belleek Pottery still holds fast to its obsessive standards of excellence, and every piece shipped by the company is handmade from the ground up. This is a philosophy that company has held to since its founding in 1857, and is probably a major reason the company has been continually producing china in Ireland for that long. The company was and is a favorite of Irish and British nobility, including Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, which helped to further establish the brand around the world. We are extremely excited to offer our Belleek Classic Harp Shamrock Teapot and other designs by Frederick Slater to help you build a complete tea-serving set that is guaranteed to impress, and will become a treasured heirloom in your family for many generations. Do not forget, each order placed at ShamrockGift includes free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States. Order your teapot today and start building your collection with this centerpiece for the Irish tea lover in your life.

Product Features We Adore

Embossed Shell Pattern

A smart reference to Ireland's waterfront industry

Hand-Painted Detail

Fine detail with personal artistic touches in a shamrock motif

Harp Handle Design

A subtle nod to Ireland's people and culture

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