Belleek Classic Shamrock 9.5in Mixing Bowl

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  • The hand-painted shamrock details make every single bowl unique while calling to mind the story of St. Patrick and bringing good fortune.
  • Due to the delicate nature of the hand-painted details, hand washing is recommended to keep your bowl in pristine condition.
  • Our bowl measures 9.5 inches in diameter, with a nice deep basin that makes it fit for a variety of kitchen jobs, from whisking eggs and chives to mixing cakes and rising bread dough.
  • Each bowl is embossed with Belleek’s classic wickerwork basketweave design, made to resemble traditional Irish woven baskets.
  • Each bowl is made from parian china, meaning that the porcelain is specially designed to give the appearance of a beautiful marble sculpture.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Every chef, baker, and home cook knows the importance of having a sturdy mixing bowl--and Belleek’s Classic Shamrock 9.5 inch Mixing Bowl is a perfect choice. Whether you need a sturdy bowl for kitchen work, or you need a lovely display piece to hold towels or fruit, you can’t go wrong with this one. Our Belleek Classic Shamrock Mixing Bowl features classic elements of Irish design--the iconic basketweave pattern, and hand-painted shamrocks. The outside of the bowl is embossed with the basketweave design, evocative of classic Irish wickerwork basket patterns, used for centuries by farmers and merchants. Layered onto the basket pattern, shamrocks are hand-painted one by one to add a touch of color, sophistication, and heritage to the piece. Since they are painted by hand, each shamrock (and each bowl) is a unique piece of art that you’re sure to treasure forever. Known for their exceptional quality and unique designs, Belleek china is some of the best in the world. When you buy a Belleek product, you are investing in the highest quality of Irish craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking to whisk eggs together or try out a new cake recipe, or if you’re just looking for a beautiful piece for your kitchen, our Belleek Classic Shamrock bowl will take you back to the homeland every time you use it. Belleek Since 1857, Belleek has become synonymous with the finest, most beautiful china in the world, and boasts its Irish heritage with pride. Belleek is a small village in County Fermanagh and was devastated by the Great Famine in the mid-1800s, much like the rest of Ireland. John Caldwell Bloomfield began searching for a way to help the remaining local population when he inherited his father’s estate in 1849 and discovered that the geological area around the village was rich in clay, shale, flint, and other minerals needed to create high-quality pottery. The power of the nearby River Erne was harnessed to grind the raw materials into liquid so that they could be transformed into pottery--and the company was born in 1857, about a decade after the worst year of the Famine. Belleek’s earliest products were practical items for the kitchen and homes like tableware, mortars and pestles, and floor tiles. However, they quickly began exploring the more artistic side of their craft, and Belleek quickly gained a reputation for beautiful, high-quality products as they began exporting their distinctly Irish crafts to the US, Canada, and Australia while serving a booming market at home in Ireland and the UK. Queen Victoria herself was an early customer of the company. Today, Belleek features a range of beautiful products, from teapots and tea sets, jewelry boxes, picture frames, flower vases, Christmas ornaments, and elegant dishes. This sophisticated bread plate is an example of the careful craftsmanship that goes into every piece Belleek manufactures, Irish pottery that stands as a shining light on a world-class scale. Shamrocks are one of those symbols that evoke the thought of Ireland. The name shamrock comes from the Irish word seamróg, and translates to “young clover” or “summer plant.” These young green sprigs have deep links to the history of Ireland. The plant was considered sacred to the Irish Druids due to its cluster of three heart-shaped leaves. Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is said to have used the shamrock as a metaphor for the Christian holy trinity. The shamrock has been used as an Irish national symbol since the 18th century, much like the thistle is used in Scotland and the rose for England. Today, it is featured on many buildings as a decorative motif, lampposts, postcards, and postage stamps. The shamrock is also featured prominently in celebrations--it is a tradition for the Irish Taoiseach to present a Waterford crystal bowl of shamrocks to the President of the United States in the White House on St. Patrick’s Day. The soldiers of the Royal Irish Regiment of the British Army not only use the shamrock as their emblem but they also traditionally wear a sprig of shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Product Features We Adore

Wickerwork Weave

Designed to resemble traditional Irish woven baskets

Parian China

Designed to give the appearance of marble sculpture

Hand-Painted Shamrock Detailing

Fine and unique detailing in a classically Irish motif

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