Royal Tara

Clara Irish Trellis Shamrock Bowl - 14cm



■ This Irish bowl is expertly crafted from bone china, offering both an aesthetic appearance and durability, making it a functional and decorative piece. 
■ The exterior of the bowl showcases a rich deep green background adorned with intricate Celtic Knots, symbols that hold historical significance, representing eternal love and the interconnectedness of all things. 
■ The interior of the bowl features shamrocks, a symbol of love, faith and hope, and Celtic Knots which represent the unending bonds we have with our loved ones. 
■ With a diameter of approximately 5.5 inches, this Irish bowl is suitable for a variety of uses, from holding small snacks to serving as an eye-catching decorative piece 



Bring elegant Irish art and culture to your dining table with this Clara Irish Trellis Shamrock Bowl. Ceramic crafted, this bowl measures 14 centimeters in diameter and boasts an eye-catching design that beautifully honors your Celtic and Irish roots. The exterior of the bowl is decorated with a deep green background color that is decorated with elaborate circular Celtic Knot patterns in a contrasting white. Celtic Knots were commonplace symbols in ancient Celtic life, as Celts widely used their infinite loops to symbolize the never-ending love they shared with loved ones.

The interior of the bowl features a pure white backdrop with another Celtic Knot circle highlighting the center of the bowl in a contrasting green. Surrounding this centered Celtic Knot are lovely cascading columns of delicate green shamrock flowers, which symbolize good luck and are the national flowers of Ireland.

Finished off with a vibrant yellow trim on the brim, this bowl will make a festive addition to your dining décor!