Royal Tara

Clara Woolly Ware Salt & Pepper


■ These Irish salt and pepper shakers are crafted from high-quality ceramic and hand-glazed to offer durability and a timeless shine
■ The sheep design showcases Shamrocks, signifying love, faith, and hope, and Triskelions, ancient Celtic symbols thought to represent the pursuit of wisdom
■ Each shaker measures 3.7” in length and 2.6” in width, a compact size for easy handling and storing on your dining table or kitchen countertop
■ Crafted in Ireland, our salt & pepper shakers set boasts Irish authenticity & craftsmanship, making it a great gift that would bring charm to any home


Bring some adorable Irish charm to your dining table with this Clara Woolly Ware Salt & Pepper Set. This set features two hand-painted black sheep with fluffy white wool with innocent gazes on their faces. These cute little sheep are reminiscent of the millions of sheep that reside on the lush green pastures and hills of Ireland. Sheep are beloved inhabitants and symbols of the Emerald Isle, and there are so many of them that some say they outnumber the people in the country!

Measuring approximately 3.7 inches in length by 2.6 inches in width, these salt and pepper shakers will add amusing whimsy to any table and will make fun conversation starters at lunches and dinners. The black and white color scheme will also allow the shakers to match with any color in other items like placemats and napkins.

Pair this set with other Clara Woolly Ware items like the sheep spoon rest and tea bag holder for a spirited Irish-themed dining ambiance!