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Clara Woolly Ware Spoon Rest


■ Clara Woolly Ware Spoon Rest
■ Dimensions: 23 cm L x 11.5 cm W
■ Royal Tara Collection
■ Designed in Ireland


For an elegant yet playful way to bring the spirit of Ireland to your dining table, add this Clara Woolly Ware Spoon Rest to your dining décor! This spoon rest is made of ceramic that comes in a delicate off white color, and it is hand painted with lovely striped and dotted patterns accented with popular symbols in Irish and Celtic cultures like Celtic spirals and the shamrock, which is the national flower of Ireland and a symbol of good luck.

On the handle of the spoon rest is the face of a black sheep with white wool, with the sheep giving a shy smile with wide-eyed, innocent eyes. Sheep are beloved animals and symbols of Ireland, as many as millions of them reside on the country’s lush hills, fields, and vast country sides, becoming an unforgettable part of the Irish landscape.

Use this spoon rest to keep your dining table clean while spreading some Irish charm throughout your home!