Royal Tara

Clara Woolly Ware Teabag Holder



■ Irish teabag holder attentively crafted from bone china, a scratch and heat resistant material that will make a lasting addition
■ Shaped like a cute sheep, an important animal for Ireland’s knitting traditions, making this piece a celebration of heritage
■ Adorned with shamrocks that represent the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, and Celtic triskelion knots that symbolize the three worlds: physical, celestial, and spiritual 
■ Measures 4.52” in length and 3.93” in height, a perfect size for holding your teabag and keeping your countertops clean from any spills



For a cute way to show your love for Ireland at tea parties or everyday gatherings, add this Clara Woolly Ware Teabag Holder to your dining décor! This tea bag holder is made of durable ceramic and is designed in the shape of a black sheep with white wool. This black sheep has his head turned to the side as he looks up with big, innocent eyes and a shy smile.

His wool covered body that serves as the tea bag holder is delicately hand painted with decorative line and dotted patterns, along with popular Irish and Celtic symbols like the shamrock, the national flower of Ireland and symbol of good fortune, and the Celtic Triple Spiral that reflects the significance of the number three in ancient Celtic life.

Sheep are also treasured symbols in Ireland, as millions of them reside on the famous hills and fields of the country, becoming an unforgettable part of the Irish landscape. Bring some animated, Irish charm to your tea time with this adorable tea bag holder!