Royal Tara

Welsh Dragon Teabag Holder


■ Bone China: This teabag holder is made of bone china, a material that offers durability.
■ Welsh Dragon: The Welsh Dragon is a symbol of Wales, a nation that is part of the United Kingdom in Europe.
■ Celtic Knots: Celtic knots adorn the perimeter of the teabag holder. The infinite loops of the knots were used by ancient Celts to symbolize the eternal love they had for loved ones.
■ Dimensions: This teabag holder has a 4-inch (10 centimeter) diameter, making it a great size as a tea party accessory.


Add some festive Welsh style to your tea breaks with this Welsh Dragon teabag holder. Made of durable bone china, this teabag holder is finely crafted in the shape of a traditional teapot with a handle and stout. A colorful design decorates this teabag holder; this design features the fierce red Welsh dragon against a green backdrop that is highlighted with golden Celtic knots against black backgrounds.

The Welsh Dragon is the symbol of the nation of Wales located in the United Kingdom. Celtic knots symbolized the never-ending love that Celts had with loved ones through intricate patterns. Measuring 4 inches, or 10 centimeters in diameter, this teabag holder is a fabulous accessory for any tea party and makes a great souvenir for admirers of Wales!