Royal Tara

Welsh Dragon Teabags Tea


■ Welsh tea in a durable, rust-resistant metal tin that ensures freshness for an extended period

■ This Welsh caddy showcases the iconic Welsh Dragon and golden Celtic knotwork

■  A generous net weight of 4.40 ounces provides ample storage for the 50 tea bags

■ Ideal as a perfect gift for tea enthusiasts or those with a love for Welsh culture 


Discover the epitome of Welsh tradition and craftsmanship with our Welsh Dragon Teabags Tea. Crafted from durable and rust-resistant metal, this exquisite caddy ensures your tea stays fresh for extended periods, preserving its flavor and aroma for your enjoyment. Embrace the rich cultural heritage of Wales through the caddy's design, featuring the iconic Welsh Dragon. Symbolizing strength, power, and protection, the dragon is deeply rooted in Welsh mythology and folklore, evoking a sense of pride and reverence. Adorned with intricate golden Celtic knotwork, the caddy beautifully represents the Celts' belief in the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. Each knot symbolizes eternal love, unity, and the continuous cycle of life, making this caddy a profound tribute to Welsh ancestry and spirituality. With a generous net weight of 4.40 ounces, this Welsh caddy offers ample storage space for your favorite tea, ensuring you always have a fresh supply at hand. Whether you're a passionate tea enthusiast or someone who appreciates the allure of Welsh culture and aesthetics, this tea caddy comes with 50 tea bags and makes an ideal gift for your loved ones. Perfect for any occasion, it embodies the essence of Welsh tradition and makes a cherished addition to any tea lover's collection.