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Clara Woolly Ware Hanging Ornament

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  • Clara Woolly Ware Hanging Ornament
  • Dimensions: 6.5 cm L x 5 cm W
  • Royal Tara Collection
  • Designed in Ireland
  • Perfect to hang on a Christmas tree


Manufacturer: Royal Tara

For a sweet reminder of the breathtaking scenery of Ireland, decorate a special corner in a room of your home with this Clara Woolly Ware Hanging Ornament.

This cute ornament is made of hand-painted ceramic that takes the shape of a black sheep with white wool. This adorable sheep has a friendly smile, and his wool is adorned with shamrock flowers and triple spirals that pay tribute to Irish and Celtic culture.

The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland and represents good fortune.

Ancient Celts also valued the shamrock flower because they believed it could ward off evil spirits. The Celts also regarded the number three as very sacred, so anything in parts of three like the three-leafed shamrock and triple spiral were especially revered.

As millions of them roam the gorgeous green hills and fields of Ireland, the sheep are also special symbols of the nation.

Fitted with a lovely green ribbon, this ornament is perfect to hang on a Christmas tree or any kind of furniture like a desk or dresser!

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