Royal Tara

Clara Woolly Ware Mug


■ The use of durable, high-quality ceramic ensures that the cuteness of this mug will be a lasting part of your mornings
■ The adorable sheep design is decorated with Shamrocks, an Irish symbol of love, faith, and hope, and charming Triskelions representing eternity and profound connection
■ Measuring 5.9" by 4.5", this adorable mug holds 13 fl oz of your favorite morning beverage, ensuring a joyful start to your day
■ Combining softness and culture in the form of a mug, it serves perfectly as a gift to another or to yourself


For a morning coffee mug that will truly help you start your day off with some animated fun, add this Clara Woolly Ware Mug to your mug collection! This mug is made of ceramic and comes in an elegant white color, and it is hand painted with Irish symbols such as the shamrock, the national flower of Ireland, and Celtic spirals.

On the side opposite the handle of the mug is the face of a black sheep with white wool, with the base of the mug creatively serving as the body of the sheep. Sheep are beloved parts of Irish culture, as millions of them roam the vast hills and fields on the Emerald Isle, making them an indelible part of the Irish landscape. It is also the wool of these millions of sheep that is used to craft Aran sweaters that are also a significant part of Irish culture as well as fashion.

Make this charming mug a festive addition to your dining décor!