Royal Tara

Clara Celtic Cross Bowl


■ Ceramic: This bowl is made of ceramic, a quality material with lasting durability.
■ Celtic Cross: The Celtic cross is a standout among many traditional crosses, as it is known for its 4 flared limbs and halo that signifies oneness.
■ Celtic Knots: Celtic knots were used by Celts to represent the eternal love they had for loved ones.
■ Dimensions: This bowl spans 14 centimeters in diameter, a perfect size for enjoying any type of dish.


Bring Celtic pride and culture to your kitchen décor with this Clara Celtic cross bowl! This pristine white bowl is made of durable ceramic, and it boasts a spectacular design that looks like a tapestry of Celtic art. At the center of the bowl is a blue and green Celtic cross, complete with its 4 flared limbs and halo, which signifies oneness. The 4 limbs are decorated with Celtic knots and spirals.

Celtic knots were used by Celts to symbolize the unending love they had for dear ones through the knots’ infinite loops, and spirals represented life or the sun. Surrounding the cross are more ornate patterns of Celtic knots and spirals going up to the brim of the bowl. Complementing the bowl’s interior design is a blue and black design on the exterior featuring more Celtic knots. Measuring 14 centimeters in diameter, this bowl is great for enjoying any meal and makes a festive addition to any dining collection!