Castle Arch Pottery

Irish Pottery Sugar Bowl


■ This wonderful creamer was hand thrown on the potter’s wheel

■ The glaze is 100% lead-free, which makes it safe for drinking

■ The creamer measures 4" in height and has a capacity of 10.1 fl oz

■ Features a wide base, making the handle easy to grip and hold

■ Dishwasher safe and microwave proof - perfect for everyday use 



This Irish Pottery Sugar Bowl is the last detail you need for a perfect kitchen set! The size is ideal for a sugar bowl that doesn’t take too much space in the cupboard (measuring 4” in height), but still holds a large enough quantity of sugar (with a capacity of 10 oz).
Besides that, each sold piece is crafted manually, being entirely handmade, which means you will get an unique bowl that was created with love and passion for the craft of pottery. The glazed colored design makes it a statement piece that will surely impress all of your guests.
Our bowl was made from high quality ceramic, which is guaranteed to surpass the test of time, if taken proper care of. Please manage it carefully, as dropping it will lead to potential cracking or even breaking. You can both hand wash or machine wash this piece, in warm water, but avoid aggressive detergents. Also, it is recommended to avoid high water pressure as well, as it might damage the colors.