Castle Arch Pottery

Irish Pottery Celtic Triskele Heart Bowl


■ This exquisite Irish bowl is handcrafted using the Pottery Hand Wheel Building Technique from 100% Lead Free Glaze
■ Versatile bowl that can be used for serving food, holding potpourri or accessories
■ Heart-shaped bowl that will attract the attention of all your visitors
■ Sacred Celtic Triskele vintage design that keeps your heritage alive
■ This Heart Bowl measures 6" in diameter and 2" in height


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If you are looking for a decoration that will immediately draw all the attention to it, our Celtic bowl is the perfect acquisition. This bowl is handmade of natural ingredients using the pottery hand building technique in order to create a unique and 100% lead free piece for your home.

This charming bowl measures 6’’ in diameter and 2’’ in height, making it ideal for a wide variety of purposes, be it for serving food like sweets or nuts, or for holding potpourri or accessories. Apart from its great practicality, our heart-shaped bowl includes a sophisticated design featuring a vintage-looking Celtic Triskele, one of the oldest symbols on earth.

The symmetrical triple spirals suggest the idea of interconnectedness and never-ending life. We recommend hand washing it with a soft, damp cloth. Show off your cultural identity in a fun way with our eye-catching Celtic bowl.