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Belleek Classic Shamrock Shaped Ornament

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  • Hand-painted shamrock and stems- the ornament has rich color detail delicately depicting Ireland’s national symbol, giving the product a unique touch and impressive look
  • Attached gold string- the additional gold lanyard attachment delivers a final exquisite touch and style to the ornament, and the color choice perfectly blends in with the shamrock coloring, giving you the ability to hang the piece anywhere
  • Shamrock shape- the inclusion of the shamrock shape in the ornament design and artistry has a connection to the Christian religion, and the symbol is a representation of the Irish landscape and symbolizes good fortune
  • Hand-embossed- the ornament has reflecting natural shamrock patterns in realistic lines, combining both beauty, style, and class with a deep religious connection
  • Product dimensions- the ornament measures approximately 2.25 inches in width by 2.5 inches in height, not too heavy to carry around


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Every detail of our glamorous Belleek Classic Shamrock Ornament ornament brings out the best in design and art. The simplistic artistic approach delivers an impression on anyone seeing the ornament for the first time. Belleek brings the history of producing only the most beautiful quality china to bear on an apt decoration for modern sensibilities in the creation and production of the shamrock shaped ornament. Belleek Pottery company has created a niche for itself as a reputable and outstanding pottery manufacturing firm in Ireland. Belleek's influence is felt the world over, as their products have a global impact on the porcelain, fine china, and ornamental industry. For over a century now, Belleek has been at the forefront of the production of exclusive sophisticated and refined china, acclaimed from the Irish populace to the British nobility and the general global population. The hand-painted clover leaves and stem included by Belleek's master artists and add a personal touch, unique to every ornament. The personalization of the art on each ornament creates a unique artistic impression, creating a genuine and authentic product. The Irish population lays great attachment and connection to religion, with Christianity at the core of every day’s livelihoods of people. Religion defines almost all aspect of life to the Irish people, and the deep connection reflects in artifacts, China, and jewelry depicting religious icons and symbols. Long associated with St. Patrick, who used the Plant to teach pre-Christian Ireland about the holy trinity, the shamrock has become inextricably linked to the country's national identity. Our Belleek Classic Shamrock Shaped Ornament is a representation of the Christian faith, a show of prayer and reverence. Today, the shamrock represents not only the country's Catholic heritage but also the splendor of Ireland's natural verdant landscape as well as good fortune. The cultural and religious connection gives the shamrock a lot of significance not only to the people of Ireland but to the millions who prophase the Christian religion. Whether you are looking for a refined Christmas gift or you are looking to add to your collection of Belleek Shamrock ware, the ornament is a perfect choice. Our Belleek Shamrock Shaped Ornament is a simple little gift yet with a lot of significance.  

Product Features We Adore


Reflecting natural shamrock patterns in realistic lines


Rich color detail delicately depicting Ireland's national symbol

Gold Lanyard

A refined woven string to hang the piece anywhere

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