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Herself Mug

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  • Hand-painted by the best in the Pottery industry, Belleek China, and featuring the company’s classic basket weave pattern.
  • This beautiful mug measures 11 cm wide by 11.5 cm tall, allowing it to fit perfectly with your other mug collection. 
  • The total capacity of this gorgeous mug is 325 ml, or about 10 oz, to fully enjoy your tea or coffee.
  • This mug is recommended for hand washing only due to its fine parian construction and hand-painted finish. 
  • The product is exclusively and proudly comes from Ireland from Belleek’s artisan factory that has existed since the 19th century.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

There’s no better way in appreciating the ladies in our lives than by gifting them with a fantastic gift that will remind them of our love for them, and that they on their minds of every minute of the day. There are many presents available to show them that we honor and value them, yet one simple yet very impressive method is gifting them the Belleek Classic Herself Mug. It is a sure way that your loved ones will think about you every morning or evening when they use this awesome mug to sip their coffee and tea. This mug will act as a constant reminder to that special lady that they are cherished, appreciated and cared for by you. Cute and sweet, this gorgeously crafted mug is a great everyday reminder to a woman to take time for herself, with a warm cup of tea or coffee. The mug is a little, treasured yet simple way to express love to the ladies that matter most in our lives. A Masterstroke of precision The fact that the mug comes from Belleek is a clear indicator of the value for money you should expect. The reputation of Belleek Pottery Limited precedes itself. The company is world acclaimed and recognized for its production line of genuine, carefully and professionally crafted artifacts that are unique and beautiful. For over a century, Belleek has set standards in the pottery works industry, creating a niche for itself as a reputable company known the world over. The Herself Mug is a continuation of the great works from the reputable Belleek Pottery Limited in Ireland. Every little detail of the mug has carefully been taken into precision, care, dedication and great professionalism included in the production of this mug, which can be attested in the final fine Belleek Classic Herself Mug. Artistic design and style Great artistry has gone into play in this gorgeous little marvel that is the Herself Mug. The very first time you see this mug, you will appreciate the great artistic detail that has been put into place to create this exceptional little product. From the outlook, decorating this mug is a finely embossed basket weaving pattern that livens the piece with texture and character. The decoration gives the mug its outlay, and it is the very first thing that you will notice when you see this mug. The basket weaving motif is an excellent embodiment of the vast Irish traditions and culture. The pattern has been around from as early as the 1880s, and its inclusion in the mug shows just how this pattern is still a timelessly beautiful design that stands out with flawless simplicity. The mug has a large handle and curved lip that is easy to grip with the beveled top rim helping to prevent drips. This white mug is decorated with a hand-painted inscription of "Herself," below which are three hand-painted shamrock flowers. The hand-painted lettering and shamrock on the mug show different brush strokes on every mug in vibrant color and exceptional detail. Talk of class, precision, and artistry, this mug surely delivers on this end! This gorgeous little marvel should not miss in your gift basket when shopping for your special lady. Buyers from the United States will have the product delivered to then within three days at no extra cost. 

Product Features We Adore

Large Handle and Curved Lip

Easy-to-grip handle with beveled top rim to help prevent drips

Basket Weave Motif

Inspired by classic Irish wickerwork patterns of traditional country baskets

Hand-Painted Lettering and Shamrocks

Unique brush strokes on every mug in rich color and fine detail

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