Royal Tara

Celtic Peacock Mug


■ Peacock Design: The peacock was a beloved symbol in Celtic culture that symbolized immortality. Also, Celts believed that the “eyes” in the peacock’s plumage gave the bird foresight into the future.
■ Celtic Knots: Adorning this mug throughout are Celtic knots on the sides and handle. The infinite loops of the knots were used by ancient Celts to symbolize the undying love they shared with family and friends. Trinity Knots are also on this mug and symbolize significance of the number three.
■ Bone China: This mug is made from bone china that offers excellent quality and durability.
■ Capacity: This mug has a capacity 11 fluid ounces, which is approximately 325 milliliters. 


Bring meaningful Celtic heritage to your home with this Celtic Peacock mug! This mug is skillfully crafted from bone china and stands out among regular mugs with its striking flared shape. The mug is decorated with intricate gold-colored Celtic knots on the sides and handle against black backdrops that are complemented with olive green that serves as the base color of the mug.

Red trim and gold border patterns add even more rich color contrast. The mug boasts additional brilliant designs, as it also displays gold-toned Trinity knots in corners and a proud peacock on the front in shades of blue, red, and yellow. The peacock was revered by Celts and used as a symbol of immortality. Celts also believed that the eye-like patterns on the peacock’s feathers allowed the bird to see the future. With a volume capacity of 11 fluid ounces (325 milliliters), this mug is great for morning coffee or afternoon tea!