Royal Tara

Slainte Irish Tea Set with Irish Tea Bags


■ Irish Tea Set containing a Mug, a Tea Bag Holder and an Irish Breakfast Tea with 50 bags
■ Gorgeous Mug Crafted with Finest Bone China with 400 ml capacity/14 fl oz
■ Decorated with Irish Weave patterns, Irish saying "Slainte" and an Irish blessing
■ The set comes in a gorgeous matching gift box, which makes the set a wonderful Irish gift


It's nice when you have good tea in the house and a nice mug to drink from. This wonderful Slainte Irish Tea Set with Irish Tea Bags is going to make your mornings better thanks to the beautiful and uplifting design and the flavorful tea. The mug features a "Slainte" design, which is like a wish to drink to your health. The mug is crafted with Finest Bone China and holds a 400 ml capacity/14 fl oz. of liquid. You also have 50 Irish breakfast tea bags that come in a reusable tea tin. The set also contains a tea bag holder with an uplifting Irish blessing. The mug and tea bag holder are made from durable bone china and they will last you for a very long time.