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Slainte Irish Mug and Breakfast Tea Set


■ This Irish set includes a beautifully crafted Celtic mug with a generous supply of Irish Breakfast Tea, making sure you start your day with a touch of Irish tradition. 
■ The mug in this set is made of high-quality bone china, known for its longevity and durability, while the reusable tin keeps your tea fresh. 
■ The intricate Celtic knot design adds a touch of cultural symbolism to the set while the word "Sláinte"on the mug is an Irish toast that means "health" or "cheers," reflecting the warm and convivial spirit of Ireland. 
■ With a generous capacity of 14 oz, this mug is perfect for enjoying your morning tea along with the 50 teabags of Irish Breakfast tea which come in this set 

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This standout Slainte Irish Mug and Breakfast Tea Set are in line with a variety of traditional Irish mugs create in Ireland. Designed with stunning ancient Celtic symbols, these Irish mugs make a great gift for a friend or family member for any occasion whether it's a wedding or regular holiday.

The Irish designed on the mugs are representative of the old Gaelic symbols still used around the world today, from the colors of green and yellow to the interwoven threads. They’re the same line styles you’d see on a Celtic cross. Any tea would be great out of these unique Slainte Irish mugs. Enjoy some tea any time of day from this traditional Irish mug and you’ll be feeling great for the rest of day, maybe even a little Irish. These Slainte Irish mugs will also make a great addition to any style of kitchen, giving it some bright color and a taste of the old Irish way.

The Celtic Irish threading sometimes called weave design on the mug and its distinctive colors come from the early 9th-century style that was used in ancient Celtic manuscripts. These scripts were hand-made by monks onto the hard-to-find canvas like vellum. The cups all hold 14 oz of fluid.