Named after the Irish word for “island,” the Inis the Energy of the Sea fragrance is a fresh and light scent for both men and women. Inspired by the beautiful coast of Ireland, the scent features bright citrus top notes of Sicilian lemon, with middle notes of geranium and lily of the valley. These floral tones are effortlessly offset by earthy base notes of sandalwood, oak moss and clove.

This sparkling scent was specifically inspired by Roundstone Beach on the country’s western coast. Tucked away into the coastline and the perfect spot for swimming and relaxes, the area beaches features crystal clear waters, white sands and saturated greenery that make them a very popular destination for summer getaways. The vibrant blues and rich green hues of the stunning locale are translated into a scent in the Inis line of products, all conveying the shining and fresh fragrance of the ocean and its vivid and rich inspiration.

The bottle itself also draws inspiration from the Irish coast. Two glass-like orbs finish the bottle’s cap, bearing a striking resemblance to worn pebbles one would find while walking along the beach. From the water-inspired logo found across the entire Inis line to the frosted glass bottle—akin to sea glass—and the pebble-like topper, this product incorporates its marine inspiration at every possible turn.

Along with the traditional fragrance, the Inis scent is also available in a hole line of products. Rediscover your favorite scent in new ways with the line of toiletries and also the line of scent products for the home. Opt for classic like the Inis revitalizing body lotion or sea mineral body scrub. Most products in the line also come in travel sizes so that, even on the go, you can ensure you have your favorite Inis products at hand. Fill your home with the scent as well using the scented candle or fragrance diffuser that will transport you to the ocean in an instant with the fresh scent.



In addition to the Inis Energy of the Sea, Fragrances of Ireland also has other variations on the classic scent. Inis Moonlight is a feminine fragrance also inspired by the ocean during a midnight stroll. With a light and airy feel like the Inis Energy of the Sea, the Inis Moonlight also has notes of mandarin, jasmine, peach and musk. Inis Or, also a scent for men and women, is inspired by the sea at sunset when the ocean and land begin to beautifully blend together in the warm summer months. To capture this feeling, the fragrance features citrus top notes with spiced middle notes and warm, musky bottom notes to finish out the scent. The final scent in the Inis family is Inis Arose, a floral scent that celebrates the wonders of love. Inspired by spring flowers, it has top notes of lemon, bergamot, pink geraniums and features middle notes of rose, with an earthy array of bottom notes.



All of these scents are the creation of the same renowned company, Fragrances of Ireland. Founded in 1983 by Brian Cox and Donald Pratt, Fragrances of Ireland first began with a product called Innisfree, named after a WB Yeats poem. Quickly becoming successful throughout both Ireland and the United States, the company later launched a new men’s line of soaps and other toiletries. The duo, along with David Cox’s son Brian, worked tirelessly to supply local Irish shops with their new perfume products. About a decade later in the 1990s, the brand launched two other lines including the Connemara perfume and Naturally Irish soap line using local ingredients for both inspiration and to actually produce lavender oil used in the products. Then, in 1998 the brand launched the Inis line, pairing the release with the UN Year of the Oceans. The energetic and bright scent was instantly a hit and has become one of the company’s continual best sellers, even nearly two decades later.

In an effort to conserve its very inspiration, Inis and Fragrances of Ireland, who produce the line, are core founders of the Irish Whale and Dolphin group that helps protect and conserve whales and dolphins along the Irish coastline and around the globe. Founded in 1990, the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, or IWDG, fought to have Irish territorial waters designated as a sanctuary for whales and dolphins.

Later the same year, the government declared just that and the Irish waters became the first sanctuary of their kind in all of Europe. To this day, Fragrances of Ireland and Inis remain some of the main contributor to the group’s efforts.

The legacy of Fragrances of Ireland and its dedication to conservation efforts alone would be enough to keep many of their customers. But with their expansive offering and the beauty and freshness of their signature Inis Energy of the Sea fragrance, it’s no surprise that they’ve solidified themselves as an authority in the fragrance market. Discover today the light and sparkling Inis line in whichever form you prefer, and you are sure to find a scent you will enjoy for years to come.

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