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A Guide for Navigating Dublin's Bustling Nightlife

A Guide for Navigating Dublin's Bustling Nightlife

Posted by Adam Farley on 12th Jul 2019

Dublin city is a buzzing, an enticing and enriching heart of the Republic of Ireland. A city with a vibrant and enchanting culture. A favorite tourist attraction center known throughout the world with a rich variety of Ireland's magnificent history, infrastructure intertwined with modern and old cultures filled Irish society. At the core of the global civilization, history, and culture, Dublin is at the center stage of Europe's elite cities.

Depending on the visitors' tastes and interests, Dublin has all the perfect places to visit and experience, especially at night times. With security assured and an amazing atmosphere and weather all year round, Dublin's nightlife is absolutely enticing and enchanting. A setting fit for family, friends and lovers alike. Many of the tourist attraction sites are in and around town, making them easy to access, safe and reliable for the visitors. Visitors should have an open mind when visiting Dublin; the epicenter of Ireland's vibrant cultures and a friendly, welcoming society.

Dublin comes alive when the sun sets, as it is during the daytime. A 24-hour economy city that is almost impossible to distinguish night time to day time. This is owed to a number of favorite tourists attraction spots within and around the city center. Visitors will and are always spoilt for choice on where to visit, especially those visiting on short periods of time, which is why one needs to have an idea of the best places to visit once in town. This feature acts as an eye-opener to visitors that would wish to experience Dublin's nightlife.

Top on the list of places that make Dublin nights come alive is world class top of the range bars and restaurants. There are quite a number of tourist and visitors favorites, to name but a few; Temple bar, been in existence since 1823, with a rich and exciting history, a perfect joint for sports lovers, especially those that want to wind down the evening with a late night streaming of sporting activities from rugby to football and even tennis. Brazen Head, one of the oldest pubs in town, a step back in time, the perfect setting to have a touch of Ireland of yonder, with tantalizing traditional and modern dishes on the menu, amazing customer service, and ample atmosphere. The Stags Head, with an actual stag head on the front door, an amazing place for movie lovers who want some quiet and quality time, catching up on the latest movies while having some wonderful meals with a cold beer to wash it down with. The Long Hall, another history filled pub, quiet, peaceful and awesome bar that family and friends will find amazing to visit.

Other bars that will be of interest to visitors include Grogans Castle Lounge, a privately owned restaurants and bar with a perfect, secretive setting specifically designed for quality family time, offering customized prepared meals to the visitors taste and liking; The Bleeding horse, dating back to the 17th century, a place where visitors will have a taste of old age Irish cuisines perfectly prepared for them; The Norseman, a beer and whiskey customized bar and restaurant, set for those looking for that fine whiskey touch and a cold perfectly brewed beer and Turners, just to mention but a few of the bars and restaurants in Dublin. All the above-mentioned bars and restaurants are rich with Irish cuisine, favorite Irish beers and the exquisite Irish whiskey. Their locations just within town make them easy to access and reliable since they are open through all night. the patrons are all seasoned, providing their customers with the best experiences. Customers also have the chance to sample the rich variety of tantalizing dishes on the menus. With the world-renowned Irish whiskey and tantalizing finger licking meals on the menu, Dublin's bars and restaurants are a must visit for tourist. Visitors appetites will be satisfied beyond their imagination and they will be amazed by the wonderful customer service offered by the employees of the Dublin bars and restaurants.

Dublin is also enriched with a vast history, and no better place will this be captured but in the splendid museums dotted across town. With a number of museums staying open into the night, it would interest visitors to pay some of them a visit while in town. To begin with, especially for book lovers, it is quite an exciting experience to visit The Writers Museums, famous for its Nobel winning writers and world renowned writers and the Marsh library, a well-preserved library to peruse through the rich literary history of Ireland. For photography and art lovers, those that want to experience Ireland through art and photography, there is a number of galleries in Dublin to visit. the places to visit include The Gallery of photography, with free admission, opened daily, with exhibitions and darkrooms to capture the imagination of photography and art lovers; Temple bar and studios and gallery, that has amazing contemporary Irish arts, with free spaces for new artists to showcase their talents to visitors; and The Douglas Hyde Gallery, located within the artistic rich Trinity college, a public funded gallery that is cheap and affordable to visitors who want to view fine pieces of art from down memory lane.

For religious pious people, Ireland is a deeply religious society with a majority of the population practicing the Christian religion. St Patricks Cathedral, located at St Patrick's close, wood quay, Dublin 8 centuries old, will be an interesting visit. It has stood the test of time and is at the core of the Catholic religion in Ireland and the world, having been at the center of religious activities in Europe for centuries now. Visitors will be pleased to experience the old times when Christianity was still in its infancy, renew their faiths and commitment to their religion. Visitors have the chance to also interact with the Irish populace that is deeply religious, and exchange ideas, renewing their faiths in their individual beliefs. The Irish people are tolerant of other peoples’ religion and this will be an interesting experience to visitors.

Other notable museums include the National Museum of Ireland located at Castlebar, a free admissions museum with a number of artifacts from Ireland's history. The Little Museums of Dublin, built in the 1700s, it is a perfect place for visitors to view Ireland through the history lens, and live through the experience; Pearse Museum, a wonderful setting with amazing artifacts in its portfolio, opening up until the late evenings. Family and friends visiting Dublin will definitely enjoy the nightlife when they visit these museums to enlighten themselves on t, from science, wartime artifacts and the vastly rich and interesting Irish history. It will also give visitors a chance to view rare artifacts that are hard to come by anywhere else in the world and live through it all.

There are quite a number of exciting theatres for film and movie lovers in Dublin. Theatres with exquisite decor, both interior and exterior, friendly, clean environment and a peaceful amazing atmosphere to the visitors. The theatres showcase films at the core of Ireland's history and culture, both modern and yesterday’s years, from romance to war and science films and movies. They are favorite hangout joints for those that want to experience and live through times of Ireland. To experience these theatres, one need not look so far away because many of the theatres are located within and around the city center. Some of the notable theatres include but not limited to Olympia Theatre, an old, world known, history filled and popular theatre, uniquely built and set to capture the visitors imagination; Theatre Royal, a perfect setting for families and friends movie nights; Dublin Tivoli Theatre, Pike Theatre, Focus Theatre, and The Helix all located within the city's vicinity. You can catch up on amazing blockbusters after which you can have a snack as you stroll down Dublin's streets. The rich Irish film and movies theatre will be an interesting experience for visitors.

For outdoor lovers that love events and festivals, Dublin has a number of popular concert venues. for music lovers, people who love to hang out late, party, and have fun. the concert venues encompass almost all genres of music, from dance, electronic, hard rock, punk, and traditional Irish genres popular and renowned musicians and music artist perform in such great are the music concerts that visitors will have a lifetime memory. Some of these concerts venues include Vicar hall, which has witnessed quite a number of star-studded world-renowned performers grace the venue and entertain visitors, located at Dublin 8; Wheelans, located at 25 Wexford open until late night with events lined up through the week, playing soothing and relaxing music, specifically crafted for the customers best experience and finally the National concert hall, located close to St Stephens green, is the place to be for classical music lovers, housing world-renowned classical music artists from Ireland and around the world. Music lovers looking to have an amazing experience that will expound their music imagination mind have to visit Dublin and experience its nightlife, having a chance to interact with other music lovers from across the world. The visitors might also have the chance to interact with the music artist, both locally and worldwide renown.

There are a number of other interesting places to visit that open late into the night, with streets and amazing bridges for family and friends to visit and experience. Visitors also have the chance to experience the top-notch public transport system as they visit the number of amazing tourist attraction sites. With the weather permitting visitors to visit all year round, whether, in winter or summer, Dublin nightlife offers an exciting experience to its visitors. Visitors also have a chance to share and intermingle with the Irish people.

With a richly diverse culture and wonderful amazing places to visit and experience, Dublin's nightlife will create a lasting memory in the minds of visitors. Visitors are assured of their security and value for money with each and every place they wish to visit, creating long-lasting lifelong memories, carry with them memorabilia. Irish people are welcoming, exciting and friendly, an additional experience to visitors. Dublin’s nightlife has captured the eye of its many visitors and it will be hard to visit Dublin and miss this experience. Dublin stands out as an exquisite must-visit destination around the world.


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