In between use of your wool sweaters or cardigans it is important that you store your garment correctly so it will increase longevity. Wool garments can be a great investment if cared for properly. Wool fibers are a natural super material, they don’t wrinkle or sag like other fabrics, they are environmentally- friendly, flame resistant, and have an amazing ability to repel water away from the skin which keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Wool fibers can be bent in excess of 25,000 times without breaking or causing damage.



We advise folding and placing your knitwear on a flat shelf, never hang as this will cause the shoulders to stretch and cause excessive wear. To avoid dust and critters you can put your knitwear in a bag when storing for long periods of time.  If you have a large enough drawers to fit your knitwear in without rubbing anywhere when you open and close the drawer it will work just as well.



The best type of hanger for your knitwear will have very thick arms, some may refer to them as shoulder shapers. These hangers reduce what are called “hanger bumps”, which stick out when you put on the garment. If you end up having the bumps anyway, you can put on the garment, wet your fingers with a little tap water and vigorously rub the bump for 10 seconds. The water will dry eventually and you will be bump-free.



Some people choose to scent their knitwear while in storage. This can be done by inserting lavender, cedar wood chips, or other preferred scents into a mesh bag and placing it next to your knitwear.  You want to avoid direct contact with the sweater or cardigan to avoid skin irritation or chemical reactions to the wool itself. Over time wool will absorb moistures from the ingredients and hold the scents, to hasten the process you can dampen your mesh mag with a few drops of water regularly.

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