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The Best of for Your Summer Lifestyle

The Best of for Your Summer Lifestyle

Posted by Jessica Sommerfield on 24th Jun 2019

Part of the fun activities when you are out for a summer trip to Ireland is doing shopping for both gifts and items that you need to enjoy the summer holiday more. If you're looking to add a bit of Irish flair to your summer, has the best selection of Celtic souvenirs and gifts, clothing and accessories that can integrate seamlessly to your summer lifestyle, no matter what it involves.

Whether you're going on a summer vacation, or just looking for some glassware to up your backyard barbeque game, we've got just what you need. Scroll down to see our picks of the site for every summer activity.


When you are in Ireland, there are many places that you will have a chance to visit. Therefore, you will need a comfortable, strong bag to carry around your belongings while you are here. Additionally, you will be able to carry the bag with you when you leave for future use since it is very durable. It would also be a perfect gift for a souvenir for school-going teenagers. There are also a variety of convenient features like a handle, padded shoulder straps as well as a mesh compartment on the side to hold a water bottle.


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There are different types of caps that you can choose from, but the most visible and the best you can go for is the Donegal Tweed Touring cap. At only $49.99, you can have the cap delivered to you or visit the shop and get one. The cap is handmade from the best of tweeds with a comfortable lining on the inside. It has a nice shape which means you are comfortable wearing it wherever you go. Additionally, the material does not allow water to go through; hence it keeps your head warm and dry. It is a great accessory no matter the type of dress code you choose to wear.


This t-shirt comes in different sizes and is only $47.99. There is no place else you will get such high quality tops at such a fair price. Considering that it is 100% cotton, the top is also lightweight which means you are in a position to wear it to any outdoor activity like sports, hiking or going out shopping. The lightweight material ensures that you do not sweat too much while you are wearing it. It comes in unique color combinations like navy blue and white stripes which is a perfect match. The Guinness logo at the top shows that you are wearing a true brand of the Guinness merchandise.


Most of the times when you are taking your strolls under the sun in any of the tourist destinations in Ireland, the sun might get too hot for you. Therefore you may decide to buy this umbrella for your protection at this time. Also, when there are light showers due to the proximity to the ocean, you will also need it a lot. You will also keep it for future use since it is durable. It comes in grey and black colors and is large enough to cover even two people properly whenever you are using it. Additionally, it is also windproof hence will not be carried away when you are walking on the sandy beaches. It looks trendy and classy for the modern person.


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Worried what you will use to cover your baby with when you are in your trip? Worry no more as this baby blanket will provide the much-needed warmth and comfort for your little one. Made from 100% merino wool, it can provide plenty of warmth for your child. It uses the traditional Aran cable and honeycomb stitching making it strong and durable. You can clean it using a washing machine without getting it damaged. The fact that it is all natural materials and no chemicals added, it means that even if your child has sensitive skin, they will not be affected by the blanket.


Have a big wedding or fancy event planned this summer? Looking for the perfect Irish accessory? For the ladies who want to enjoy some sense of class and elegance, then these are the types of earrings to buy. Made of 14k gold from the shamrock designs in the Solvar collection in Ireland. Not sure what to buy for your lady as a present? Then you can never go wrong with this type of earrings. It is what every lady would love to have as an accessory in their closet. They are simple in design hence they are perfect for any occasion and can go hand in hand with any outfit.


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Whether you've got a Guinness keg or you're serving punch at your next barbeque, these Guinness glasses are a great way to elevate the occasion. These glasses are sized for imperial pints, meaning they hold 20 ounces of whatever you're having, and are embossed with the trademark Guinness harp, so you can advertise your love of Irish beer no matter the season. Large, durable, and highly stylish with Guinness's unique "Gravity Glass" tulip design, these glasses will make any lively party just a little more elevated.


Made of porcelain, these vases from the Belleek pottery will always give you a beautiful display of the Irish culture in your house for any summer occasion when you happen to be hosting. They have a unique and beautiful design which would even make a great souvenir for your loved ones. The set comes with different designs including the mini Connemara vase, mini square vase, mini colleen vase, and the mono footed vase. All these vases, neatly decorated with different flower designs, are the perfect gift even for yourself and you cannot afford to leave without them. These vases are a perfect gift for birthdays, housewarming parties and during holidays. They all come at an affordable fee of just $75.99, and considering their high quality; you will get value for your money.


Summer is always a great time to change up your signature scent for something a little lighter and breezier. For those who like unique fragrances with a different kind of scent, one that you will not find anywhere else in the world, then this fragrance is one to go for or buy for your lady. It has a light touch of fruit, and floral scents combined making it a different kind of unique. And, at just $40, you can afford to experiment.


It is a small yet convenient crossbody bag with the main pouch to carry the bigger items while the small pouches on the side are meant to carry the smaller items. If you enjoy taking summer day trips or need a good travel bag, you can't do much worse than this lovely design. The bag is water resistant, made of leather which means that it is very durable and get value for every coin you spend on it. It is a perfect bag to use as you go out for your picnics and strolls in the white sandy beaches in various parts of Ireland. It is also a smart casual bag to carry home as you go out shopping or lunch with friends.


With a unique design of sheep on its outer part, you will get to enjoy and associate with the Irish culture of sheep rearing and shaving to make different clothes and accessories from it. The bag, made from durable, water-resistant material is perfect for carrying around on your daily errands, but we love it for its beach readiness – highly durable and large enough to fit snacks and a couple towels. It also serves the purpose of carrying baby things instead of using the conventional bags everyone else has.


These are a few of the items you could buy while in Ireland. is a whole new world where you go to spoil yourself with the best quality things this summer holiday.