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Women’s Aran Sweaters’ History

Irish wool sweaters were originally created in the Aran Islands specifically for men. These were made by the wives of fishermen who wanted to protect their husbands from cold air flows mixed with cold water, the temperature of which decreased often below 5 and even 2 degrees Celsius. As an aggravating factor was the fact that these fishermen worked in the winter, which made their work and routes even more complicated.

Women began to wear and combine Aran knit sweaters later, initially using male versions of this garment. With the popularization of this item, designers and weavers began to create feminine variants, much more adapted to body shape. Significant changes in the structure of the sweaters that have been made are related to the colors of the sweaters and their design. Indeed, men's sweaters are much more sober, so they can only be found in colors such as natural, black, gray, green or blue. Women’s Aran Sweaters can be found both in the latter colors and red, purple or yellow. The structure of Aran sweaters for women has been adapted to the shape of women's bodies to be not only comfortable but also elegant. The traditional Irish V-neck sweater has received a dose of modernity and sophistication either by using wool ornaments in the form of flowers, geometric figures that decorate the neck or by adding different buttons, small details and Celtic accessories such as the Celtic Knot zipper. The usual length of sweaters and cardigans has also been adapted to consumer preferences and fashion trends. Therefore, nowadays Women’s Aran sweaters and cardigans can be found in short, medium or long lengths.

Women’s Aran Sweaters Made in Ireland

The entire collection of women's Irish sweaters is exclusively made in Ireland from Merino Wool. This ensures that the sweater is of superior quality. First of all, thanks to the manufacturers' commitment to providing products that will make Ireland famous for the unique garments it produces. Secondly, the secrets of creating sweaters are passed within the family from mother to daughter or son, so sweaters designers are aware and proud to honor the family and its traditions in this way.

  • Ladies Aran Tunic Sweater- this Merino wool-blend sweater is ideal to complete any look due to its ribbed trim on the collar and cuffs.

  • Carraig Donn Collar Patchwork Cardigan- this 100% Merino Wool cardigan features a gorgeous and oversized draped collar making it look stylish and feeling comfy.

  • Fisherman Knit Poncho- this bold and refined wool knit poncho depicts an asymmetrical neck collar providing a modern, feminine touch.

  • Women's Cable Knit Crew Sweater- this crewneck sweater for women is simultaneously gorgeous and comfortable thanks to the stylish and large pockets with ribbed trim.

  • Women's Honeycomb Collared Cardigan- this exquisite high collar wool cardigan comes with a full zipper with silver-toned zip pull.

How to wear a Women’s Irish Sweater?

As soon as you buy a sweater, your natural question that comes to your mind is how to wear it. There are some important moments to consider when you want to use a knit sweater in your outfits. First of all, the golden rule of an everyday outfit is balance. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the Aran patterns and design of the sweater. If you use a sweater with a simple design that features patterns like cable or diamond, be confident to pair it with more complicated and brave pieces such as memorable shaped pants, colorful skirts, or even a dress.

If you opt for Irish Knit sweaters, cardigans that demonstrate a more intricate design and combine numerous pockets, buttons, or patterns you can pair them with casual, everyday jeans, skinny high-waisted pants, long or medium pencil skirts. And of course, you can add small accessories to spice up the overall look. as jewelry, a bag, or hair accessories.

Don’t miss out on the incredible warmth, softness, and elegance of our Women’s Aran Sweaters collection!

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  1. Ladies Traditional Aran Lumber Jacket
    As low as $89.21 Was $104.95
  2. Carraig Donn Collar Patchwork Cardigan
    As low as $76.49 Was $89.99
  3. Merino Wool Ladies Open Front Irish Cardigan
    As low as $84.96 Was $99.95
  4. Hooded Aran Coat with Celtic Knot Zipper
    As low as $72.21 Was $84.95
  5. Women's Irish Aran Wool Lumber Jacket Cardigan Sweater
    As low as $79.01 Was $92.95
  6. Ladies 3 Button Collar Coat
    As low as $84.96 Was $99.95
  7. Ladies Wool Cardigan with Mock Turtleneck and Zipper
    As low as $106.21 Was $124.95
  8. Flare Cardigan with Diamond Pattern
    As low as $92.23 Was $108.50
  9. Women's Irish Cable Knit Hooded Cardigan
    As low as $84.99 Was $99.99
  10. Ladies Traditional Aran Cardigan
    As low as $76.46 Was $89.95
  11. Ladies Merino Long Cardigan with Hood
    As low as $98.56 Was $115.95
  12. Ladies Roll Neck Aran Sweater
    As low as $84.96 Was $99.95
  13. Ladies Boyfriend Merino Wool Cardigan
    As low as $81.59 Was $95.99
  14. Killarney Ladies Irish Cardigan
    As low as $84.96 Was $99.95
  15. Women's Supersoft Wool Knit Irish Cable Crew Neck Sweater
    As low as $73.94 Was $86.99
  16. Patchwork Irish Zipper Cardigan Hand Knit
    As low as $110.49 Was $129.99
  17. Carraig Donn Irish Cardigan
    As low as $79.04 Was $92.99
  18. Carraig Donn Ladies Cream Aran Cardigan Sweater
    As low as $78.03 Was $91.80

Items 1-18 of 82

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