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Carraig Donn Collar Patchwork Cardigan

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  • Our fantastic Patchwork cardigan that is available in Chillipepper Red, Blue, Kiwi Green, Mist Marl, White and Whicker
  • Made from exquisite, 100% pure Merino wool, a product of Ireland, that provides comfort and warmth
  • The sweater is available in a variety of size, from XS to XXL, for you to pick your perfect comfortable fit.
  • The intricate and beautiful Aran patterns make this piece exquisite, unique and a deep Irish connection, making it original
  • The design of the sweater is both practical and stylish, especially the one button detail and the relaxed draped collar.


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

The design of an outfit is a meticulous, hard, and perilous journey, that requires the ultimate dedication, skill, and professionalism. Clothes are designed purposefully and specifically for a particular occasion, event, or weather condition. Ladies are usually selective in what they wear, as they always want to stay within the day's fashion trends and styles. Ladies love to stand out in a crowd and have tastes that are unique and classic. The cold season brings with it a fashion challenge, and its that time to pick an outfit that is comfortable, warm yet trendy and stylish at the same time. Our creatively designed and sleek Women Irish Carraig Donn Collar Patchwork Cardigan is the ultimate ladies' dream of the perfect winter wear. Our beautiful cardigan is lively, with essence, sophistication, and creativity. The coat will bring out the best in you and is best for whatever function or event of the day. You can comfortably rock this marvelous sweater, whether indoors or outdoors and stand out in a crowd. If you have been looking for an addition to your winter collection, then consider our cute collar patchwork coat the perfect choice. The design and style The cardigan is a product of precision, and every little detail carefully thought off, the design is both modest, sleek, and classy. Exquisitely crafted in Ireland from the super-cozy super-soft pure Merino wool, this piece is a masterstroke of a genius! The Merino wool’s texture is smooth on touch, guaranteeing the ultimate comfort and warmth from the slithering cold. Our best-selling cardigan has a beautiful one button detail overlapping the sweater overlaps to attach inside and out, a classic feature that makes it unique and easily recognizable. The relaxed, gorgeous, and oversized draped collar makes the cardigan stylish and stands out as it helps you keep out the chill. The traditional Aran stitches add heft and depth to the luxurious feel when you try out the cute cardigan. The Aran patterns give the sweater a deep link to the Irish traditions and culture. The sweater is a product of Carraig Donn, a household name in the production of exclusively unique and exquisite winter wears. Carraig Donn is regarded as the oldest knitting company in Ireland and has retained its reputation and status as the best in the industry. Setting standards for decades now, Carraig Donn remains a leader in the fashion industry from the production of some of the most elegant winter wears in the world. The company's reputation precedes itself, and they do not seem to scale down their production of beautiful, intricately designed products. Our cute patchwork cardigan is no exemption from the production line of unique and creative products from Carraig Donn. 

Product Features We Adore

One Button Detail

This bestselling cardigan has a nice one button detail overlapping the Cardigan overlaps to attach inside and out

Relaxed Draped Collar

Gorgeous and unusual oversized collar which keeps out the chill

Aran Patchwork Design

Combination of eye-catching cable, diamond and chevron stitches crafted from luxurious 100% Soft Merino Wool

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