Celtic Knot Peridot Silver Ladies Ring


■ This one-of-a-kind ring is meticulously crafted from sterling silver, a highly durable and sparkling metal
■ The design incorporates a genuine Peridot gemstone adding a sense of uniqueness and boldness
■ Features Trinity Knot design, a beautiful representation of never-ending love, faith, and hope in Celtic and Irish culture
■ This sterling silver ring comes in a lovely branded presentation box, ready to be gifted


Unmistakably Irish, this ring would make a unique addition to any jewelry collection. Crafted with a Triquetra design, this ring celebrates both Irish and Celtic cultures. The Triquetra, also referred to as the Trinity Knot, is a representation of the many trinities in a person's life, including the three phases of life (life, death, and rebirth), the Holy Trinity (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Irish Christianity), the three elements of nature (land, sea, and sky), as well as a symbol of eternity and the union of the body, spirit, and mind. Regardless of the meaning the Trinity Knot holds for you, this ring will add a sense of heritage to your daily style.
The ring is made of sterling silver, a metal that does not rust or tarnish and has exquisite shine, so you can cherish it for a lifetime. Additionally, the ring is beautifully embellished with a genuine Peridot gem. Given that the stone is natural, each gem differs in color and texture, adding a sense of uniqueness to your jewelry. This ring comes in a presentation box and is already packaged, so you can gift it the moment you receive it.