Sterling Silver Standard Claddagh Ring


■ Traditional Irish Claddagh ring
■ Made of Hallmarked Sterling Silver, stamped at Dublin Castle
■ Handcrafted in Ireland
■ Designed by Solvar Jewelry, founded in 1941
■ Measures 10mm at crown



This beautifully simple Sterling Silver Standard Claddagh Ring from Solvar Jewelers is the epitome of classic Irish design. The Claddagh ring itself dates back to the 16th century when it is said to have been first designed by a sailor from the Claddagh region of County Galway for his lost love to symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship, represented by the heart, crown, and hands respectively. Since then, the Claddagh ring has become a favorite engagement ring design, as well as a meaningful gift given between friends and family members to demonstrate personal connection.

This ring is made of durable polished sterling silver and bears the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office to verify its authenticity and high quality. Solvar Jewelers handcraft all their pieces in Ireland, where they were founded in 1941 and have been based ever since, turning out remarkable traditional and contemporary Irish jewelry for all occasions.