Communion Chalice Bracelet for Kids

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■ Elegant and detailed chalice with IHS lettering
■ Accented with glass pearls
■ Made from durable base metal with silver plating
■ Designed and crafted in Ireland by Solvar
■ Bracelet measures 4mm x 145mm

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This elegant Communion Chalice Bracelet is the perfect gift for a young lady’s first communion. Made of durable base metal with beautiful silver plating and glass pearl beads, the pendant embodies the idea of purification and consecration. The pearls are made of glass and symbolize purity, all while leading toward the chalice itself, which is wonderfully detailed with the letters IHS (from the Greek for “Jesus”) displayed prominently at the front.

Family-owned since 1941, Solvar Jewelers is dedicated to crafting the highest quality Celtic and Irish-inspired jewelry pieces from pendants and bracelets to rings and earrings. Based in Dublin, all Solvar jewelry is hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office in Dublin Castle as a guarantee of authenticity and quality. Each piece is individually designed by the master artisans at Solvar to draw from Ireland’s rich artistic and design heritage to create a modern and timeless creation.

Made in Ireland. Measurements: 4mm x 145mm.