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The perfect piece of jewelry is far more than a fashion accessory: it’s a story in plain sight, worn manifest on the owner’s body for the whole world to see. This is why we at Shamrock Gift love Claddagh rings. This classic piece encompasses the importance of family history, hopes for the future, personal values, and, of course, the significance of individual preferences and taste.

Why You Should Give a Claddagh Ring

The signature look of a Claddagh ring is essential to the way we interpret its meaning. Every ring features two hands, which securely clasp a rounded heart, which is usually surmounted by a regal-looking crown. These features of the ring’s design are, in fact, representations of three values that are considered fundamentally-important to Irish culture: love (symbolized by the heart), friendship (the hands) and loyalty (the crown). As such, Claddagh rings are frequently gifted from one loved one to another as a means of guidance in life, as it’s said that these three essential principles will never steer one wrong. Claddagh rings are exchanged not just between romantic partners, but between family members and friends, who offer them with their blessings and an enduring spirit of tenderness and care. Claddagh rings are celebrated because they rejoice the importance of every type of bond, prizing no kind of relationship above another.

A Claddagh Ring for a Friend, Family Member, and Loved Ones

When presented in the spirit of courtship, the Claddagh ring is a gift that indicates a relationship is sure to be long-lived. As a bonus, the way in which it’s worn can be modified to mark the progression of a relationship from one stage to the next: a Claddagh ring worn on the right hand with the heart-tip pointed outwards indicates singledom; on the right hand with the heart-tip pointed inwards indicates a committed relationship; on the left hand with the heart-tip pointed outwards means the wearer is engaged; and on the left hand with the heart-tip pointed inwards means that the owner of the ring is happily married. Due to this, the classic Claddagh ring can take many forms: there are friendship rings, men’s rings, birthstone rings, engagement rings, promise rings, and more, all under the Claddagh design and name.
Sterling Silver White Crystal Claddagh Ring- if you want to show your appreciation for a friend of yours this stunning Claddagh ring is the ideal gift.
Gents Gold Diamond Set Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Band-- this flawless 14K white gold men's wedding band comes with 2 accurately chosen diamonds and traditional Irish design.
Ladies Claddagh Comfort-fit Silver Ring- this simply designed Claddagh ring is made of sterling silver and handcrafted in Ireland- a beautiful gift for your mother or wife.
Claddagh Birthstone Ring June: Alexandrite- for a unique birthday gift browse our birthstone rings collection. Take, for example, this ring with the birthstone of June, the alexandrite gemstone is thought to promote creativity and imagination.

Where Does the Claddagh Ring Come From?

Claddagh rings originated in County Galway at the start of the 1700s, though the term “Claddagh ring” wasn’t coined until some 130 years later. Legend has it that Richard Joyce, who hailed from the town of Claddagh, was a sailor who was kidnapped by pirates while working at sea. He was sold as a slave to a goldsmith, who taught the young man everything he knew. Eventually, Richard escaped his slavery and returned home to Ireland and his beloved, who had waited faithfully for him during their separation. Using a collection of tiny gold shavings he had stolen from the smith’s workshop, Richard crafted a ring with which he asked her hand in marriage; this, the story claims, was the very first Claddagh ring, and its beauty was so renowned that Richard soon set up a business in his hometown, selling more of them using the tricks of the goldsmithing trade her had learned while abroad.

Peruse our diverse catalog of beautiful Irish Claddagh rings and discover the perfect pick for any occasion; these gorgeous pieces meet at the intersection of history and glamor, and are guaranteed to make a clever and thoughtful gift for someone special -- even if that someone just happens to be you!

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