Trinity Knot Earrings Gold Plated & Crystal

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■ Beautiful Trinity knot design
■ Gold plated base metal and glass crystal insets
■ Hand crafted by Solvar Jewelers
■ Made in Ireland
■ Dimensions: 12mm x 13mm

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These elegant Gold Plated & Crystal Trinity Knot Earrings are a beautiful gift for anyone who loves Ireland and fine jewelry. Made of a durable gold-plated base metal, the earrings make a lovely addition to any jewelry box. The inlaid gemstones are made of clear glass crystal that shines every time it catches the light.

The Trinity knot itself is a highly significant element in Irish and Christian artwork, having been first produced as an adapted form of the Celtic knot pattern for explicitly Christian themes. The three points represent each part of the Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The infinite loop of the strand that forms the Trinity knot signifies eternal life and endless love, both earthly life and heavenly love.

Solvar Jewelers is one of Ireland’s premier jewelry manufacturers with 80 years of experience crafting some of the most beautiful pendants, earrings, bracelets, and more. Founded in 1941 and now in its third-generation of family operation, Solvar brings its love of Ireland and Irish heritage to the fore in every handcrafted piece. All their jewelry is hallmarked at Dublin Castle by the Dublin Assay Office to certify its authenticity and quality. 

Made in Ireland. Pendants measure 12mm x 13mm.