Aran Woollen Mills

Green Aran Pinafore Dress

Was: $55.90
Now: $34.13

■ Manufactured from the super-soft, super-cozy and luxurious pure merino wool from Ireland that will keep your baby comfortable and warm throughout
■ The gorgeous dress comes featuring multi-colored buttons, a perfect design addition that makes the product stand out
■ The dress is another product of the genius Carraig Donn, a premier, well established and globally renowned garment and jewelry manufacturing firm
■ The dress featuring lovely, authentic and unique traditional Aran Cable stitches, paying homage to the vast Irish history



Baby girls are full of cuteness and beauty unmatched! The baby's lovely shy smile, the gorgeous look in their eyes, and their innocence is absolute awesomeness that is unmatched by anything else. We all treasure our little angels and would do anything in the world for their well-being. Dressing up your baby enhances their beauty, making them irresistible to admire and love. Getting that ultimate, outstanding, and trendy dress can be challenging, but you will have everything ticking and going with our stunning Green Aran Pinafore Dress!

What’s more adorable than a baby girl in a pinafore dress? Not much!

Our gorgeous little angelic dress comes endowed with the most outstanding features one can ever dream of in the ultimate baby dress. The lovely piece is a product of Carraig Donn, Ireland's premier, leading and acclaimed garment and jewelry manufacturing firm. Since its inception, the company maintains the highest standards in its production line, churning forth the very best of products. The company is renown the world over, especially for its classy, authentic, and unique products. In their production, the company features the most exquisite and exceptional ancient Irish patterns. The elaborate stitching patterns bring alive the vast and rich traditional and cultural Irish past. The uniqueness and authenticity of the trends that stand out make the products adored from far and wide, not only in Ireland.

This sweet Carraig Donn dress is made of super-soft Merino wool that is plush, organic, and never scratchy. The cozy merino wool is also durable and comfortable, keeping your baby warm from the cold.