Aran Woollen Mills

Baby Wool Irish Cardigan Jacket


■ This Irish cardigan is made from 100% merino wool that is soft, cozy and warm

■ This Aran jacket features honeycomb, diamond, cable, and basket stitching

■ Our baby sweater features a round neck and multi-colored buttons that are unique and practical

■ Made in Ireland, this sweater reflects the rich history and Irish knitting tradition



Dressing up your baby comfortably, with warm, classic, and stylish clothes throughout is essential for their health and how presentable they will appear. The cold winter season comes with the challenge of keeping our little, gorgeous angels warm and stand out remarkably. We stock a large variety of kids Irish sweaters and jackets worth trying out, but our Baby Wool Irish Cardigan Jacket is the ultimate baby's winter wear!

Every ounce, inch, and turn of the cardigan jacket has a touch of genius craftsmanship. The lovely piece of art is a product of Aran Woollen Mills, a prestigious, magnificent, and premier garment manufacturing company in Ireland. The company is arguably the oldest of its kind in the region, with a remarkable reputation that no one can easily rival. Over the years, Aran Woollen Mills continues to churn out authentic, unique, and excellent products renown the world over. The designs of Aran Woollen Mills products have an Irish touch, featuring ancient Irish stitching patterns. Paying homage to the vast Irish history and heritage endears Aran Woollen Mills products to many people globally.

The lovely Winter Cardigan Jacket features cute Aran cable and diamond stitching and feels super-cozy, and is remarkably durable, resisting the wear and tear of washing. The ultra-soft Merino wool gives the jacket a luxurious touch and warm feel, to keep the cold away.