Guinness Ireland Green Enamel Mug


■ Retro enamel mug in green and white
■ Guinness Extra Stout logo in Gaelic font on the front
■ Beveled rim with Guinness harp on interior
■ Official Guinness Merchandise
■ Holds approx. 10 fl. oz


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Enjoy your morning coffee or tea in this throwback Guinness Ireland Green Enamel Mug. An official piece of Guinness merchandise, this 10 oz mug has everything you need to feel extra Irish. It’s cream and green color scheme, Guinness trademark harp on the interior rim, and Guinness green Ireland Extra Stout logo on the front all combine to make this mug extra special.

Crafted from metal and covered in enamel paint, this mug features an ergonomically curved handle and beveled rim that make it easy to use and hard to spill. The Guinness logo itself is a modification of their standard trademark in that the text is written in an ancient Irish script, reminiscent of medieval Celtic manuscripts.

Guinness was founded in 1759 and has been supplying the world with good Irish stout ever since. Today, it is almost as synonymous with Ireland as the shamrock.