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Looking to capture the style and atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub right in the comfort of your home? You’re in just the right place! Here at, we’re proud to stock a large range of authentic Guinness towels, bar mats, coasters, and more, bringing everything you could ever need to give your home bar the touch of Irish charm it needs.

Since the first time, it was brewed in 1759 by the night-legendary Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate Brewery, Dublin, Guinness stout (or the Black Stuff, as it’s lovingly called by its biggest aficionados) has been keeping the public on its toes with its wonderful ability to surprise. This applies to both the lager itself and its variants as well as the company’s marketing campaigns. There is a reason, after all, that Guinness merchandise is such a beloved feature of many an Irish bar on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean!

Guinness Harp Bar Mats

The brand’s first major move of marketing genius came in the 1800s when Guinness adopted the image of the Trinity College Harp (otherwise known as Brian Boru’s harp) as its logo. This was a very appropriate choice, given that this instrument has been one of the most important symbols of Ireland around the world since at least the Middle Ages. As a matter of fact, this move on the part of Guinness would eventually prove to have so much impact on the image of the harp that today, it’s as much associated with the beverage as it is with the nation of Ireland! It’s because of this that the classic symbol appears on many of our Guinness bar mats and towels, and is an excellent choice for anyone with the desire to show off their taste preferences and proud heritage in one fell swoop!
Guinness Harp Cork Placemat- this placemat comes in an eye-catching circular design which displays in the center of the mat the iconic Irish harp in sleek black color.

Classic Guinness Coasters

Other classics that feature in our vast array of Guinness bar products include the many works of John Gilroy, an English artist who brought a new, comedic tone to the game of Guinness advertising in the 1930s and 1940s. Gilroy created posters that painted the drink in a medicinal light, with many reading “A Guinness A Day” (keeps the doctor away!), “Guinness for Strength,” and “Guinness Makes You Strong.” While we can’t personally attest to these claims, there’s no denying that they are rooted in a grain of truth: not many people know that Guinness is actually a significant source of iron, making it a popular choice for Irish people who have just given blood.
Guinness Nostalgic Coaster - Assorted 6 Pack- 2 of these 6 coasters set to feature one of Guinness’ memorable “Lovely day for a GUINNESS” advertisements: a cheerful man pulling a horse carriage with the horse riding as the passenger outside on a clear, blue day with a happy sun smiling in the background; and famous Guinness Toucan as he balances a pint of Guinness on his beak.
Guinness Nostalgic Cotton Towel Smiling Pint- this chic towel will make a delightful beach towel accessory or a gift. Featuring the timeless line “Lovely day for a GUINNESS in a vibrant design.

(A great piece of trivia to break out for any of the patrons of your new home bar!) Gilroy also popularized what is perhaps today the most commonly-known Guinness slogan: “Lovely Day for a Guinness!” This first appeared alongside the colorful image of a toucan -- and, fittingly, this bright-beaked fellow continues to dazzle on many of the Guinness signs available here, in our online catalog. In many ways, this toucan has become the unofficial mascot of the Guinness brand, even appearing in a 1940s television advertisement, which featured the jingle: “Toucans in their nests agree / Guinness is good for you! / Try some today and see / What one or toucan do!” Of course, the toucan isn’t the only animal who has made a splash in Guinness advertising over the years. Others, including kangaroos, ostriches, seals, and even turtles have been depicted in the same art style, and many of them are also featured in our lovely bar products here!

Guinness Bar Towels

Creating a true Irish pub it’s almost impossible without some bar towels. Here at, you can find not only qualitative towels but ones filled with Guinness flair. Crafted with love for Guinness in mind.

Guinness Nostalgic Cotton Towel Label- made of 100% cotton, this towel will provide functional benefits in your kitchen or home bar as it can easily absorb messes and spills.
Guinness Label Bar Towel- this absorbent towel features an eye-catching design of one of the popular Extra Stout labels in the center, with the Guinness emblem from 1759.
Guinness Bar Towel English Label Design- this black cotton towel is high quality and extremely durable featuring the Extra Stout Guinness label.

Filled with inspiration to get started on the home bar of your dreams? Don’t wait; start shopping for our huge range of Guinness bar towels, coasters and other bar merchandise now!

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