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Almost all of Guinness’s stylish keyrings moonlight as bottle openers, so doubly useful! Stylish, sturdy and cool, these key chains make for great little gifts. Shamrock Gift is proud to host the largest offering of Guinness merchandise currently on the web.

Behind the household name featured on these special keyrings is an amazing story that started on December 31st, 1759. This was the historic day that Guinness beer founder, Arthur Guinness, signed an astounding 9,000-year lease at St. James’s Gate Brewery located in Dublin, Ireland to start the journey of crafting his now internationally renowned beer. This brewery is where Guinness beer is still made to this day for millions to enjoy.
Set apart by its grand black entrance gate that beautifully displays the Guinness name and Irish harp logo in radiant gold lettering, the charming vintage-style light posts that flank the gate, and the weathered brick road leading up to the gate, St. James’s Gate Brewery is a famous historic landmark in Ireland that many tourists come from far and wide to visit today.

Stylish Guinness Keyrings

For a keyring that brings a dash of luxury to your day, add the Guinness Black Leather Keyring to your key collection. This keyring is crafted from sleek black leather into a rounded rectangular shape. Embossed on the front is a replica of the Guinness Extra Stout beer label, which bears the Guinness name logo and the brand’s signature Irish harp.

Guinness Bottle Opener Keyrings

As you already know, almost all of our Guinness’s stylish keyrings are bottle openers as well, making them two times practical. We have a large selection of bottle openers keyrings that proudly show off your beloved Guinness.

Guinness Bottle Opener Keyring - great choice for a practical keyring that won’t go out of style while showing off the beautiful simplicity of Guinness beer. Made of stainless steel, this keyring is made to last and is just what you need to open bottles at any moment’s notice. This piece is designed in the shape of the iconic pint glass of Guinness beer, complete with the black body and layer of foam at the top. Engraved on the front in contrasting white are the Guinness logo name, the signature Irish harp, and the founding year of 1759. Also included with this piece is a tiny silver-toned, rectangular metal tag charm that also displays the Guinness name and harp engraved in black.
Guinness Ireland Flip Down Bottle Opener Keyring- for a festive splash of color that you can take with you everywhere you go, make this keyring your one-of-a-kind accessory. Made of metal, this piece comes in the shape of a beer bottle cap painted in Kelly green, paying tribute to the rich green hills and fields of the Emerald Isle. Beautifully displayed on the front of this bottle cap design is a recreation of the Guinness Extra Stout label with green accents. Contrasting wonderfully with the Kelly green motif is a bronze-toned keyring that holds keys and a bronze-colored bottle opener that conveniently flips down, making this keyring the quintessential tool to have for beer outings!
Guinness Ireland Bottle and Can Opener Keyring- for a Guinness keyring that is the perfect blend of luxury and versatility, make this keyring a gift for yourself or a loved one! This piece measures 2.5 inches long and is made of a brilliant, gold-toned metal. As part of the Guinness Ireland Collection, this keyring features the Guinness Extra Stout label on the front in a lovely green, white, and black color scheme for a festive touch. Built into this keyring is a metal opener that can open cans as well as bottles, making this accessory a convenient, multi-functional tool that you will want to carry with you everywhere you go.

When it comes to Guinness Keyrings from, the choices are many. All of these fabulous pieces proudly celebrate the Guinness beer, showcasing recognizable symbols of the brand like the Guinness pint and Guinness beer bottle labels. Make any of the keyrings from our Guinness collection of accessories' a gift or souvenir for friends and family!

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