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Hanging Harp Decoration

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  • The stained-glass ornament is carefully designed and styled, standing out with its majestic beauty
  • The lovely piece is hand-painted by the best, skilled and experienced craftsmen’s, with a unique style and design
  • The Trinity Knot and Harp design pays homage and brings to life to the vast Irish culture and history
  • The beautiful harp comes inclusive with a lovely header card
  • Every purchase of the piece comes with a forest green Satin Ribbon for hanging


Manufacturer: Royal Tara

Christmas festivities bring with it the carefree spirit of sharing, showing love to friends and family in addition to the merrymaking and celebrations associated with this period. The festivity is observed globally, with billions of people, especially those professing the Christian religion, coming together as a show of unity, love, and care for each other.

During Christmas, the Irish, among many other people, recognize it as a time to share gifts as a show of appreciation, gratitude, and prayer. One of the ultimate gifts that bring alive the Christmas spirit and mood and has a lot of significance, especially to the Irish people is our stunning Hanging Harp Decoration. Our gorgeous and standout Hanging Harp Decoration is the perfect addition to the Christmas tree during your home decoration for the Christmas festivities.

An elaborate majestic piece of art, the lovely harp decoration comes with fantastic color and smart design, making it noticeable even from a distance. Carefully crafted out of a stunning stained glass, the marvelous Hanging Harp Decoration is a beautiful highlight of the Christmas spirit. The hand-painted piece brings together a combination of genius design, style, and beauty, the result of which is an outstanding, fantastic piece of art to liven up the Christmas festivities at your home.

Our lovely piece can perfectly serve as an addition to your Christmas decorations or buy as a gift to friends and family. Ireland is a country of rich history, vibrant and robust culture and proud religion which angles towards the Christian majority. The Irish harp is engrained deep into the Irish history, with details of the same dating back to the 12th century. The Irish harp is incredibly known as the national emblem of Ireland, cementing its place in the vast Irish history.

The use of the Irish harp as the reference point in the design and style of our lovely ornament is of considerable significance, especially to the Irish population. The beautiful Hanging Harp Decoration ornament replicates the Irish harp with deep shades of green, red and yellow. The use of bright colors makes the ornament to be more vibrant and livelier.

The fantastic piece is a product of the prestigious and renown Royal Tara, a firm leading in the manufacture and production of exquisite fine bone china for tables and giftware. The Hanging Harp Decoration ornament falls under Royal Tara's giftwares. Brilliant incorporated into the curves and grooves of the harp are Celtic Trinity Knots that give the harp a unique ornate touch.

The charming holiday ornament is beautifully displayed on a unique and majestic header card and marvelously includes a forest green satin ribbon for hanging.

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