Royal Tara

Hat Box of 4 Irish Weave Gloss Baubles


■ The 4 Irish baubles in this set are made using interfolded sheets of paper varnished under a glass exterior, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and longevity

■  Each ornament features an Irish symbol, such as the Claddagh Ring, Shamrock, Celtic Cross, and Irish Harp, bringing profound symbolism to your home

■  With a diameter of 3 inches, these charming pieces come with a satin ribbon so you can effortlessly enhance your Christmas decor

■ Our Irish ornaments are more than just decorations, they are heartfelt tributes to this rich heritage, making the set a truly meaningful gift


Are you hoping to give your Christmas tree a new decorative theme this year, or simply to add something new to spice up your current array of tried-and-tested ornaments? Look no further than this elegant set of Ireland-themed baubles! Their neutral multi-tonal cream color allows them to seamlessly integrate into any color scheme, be it traditional or something a little more zany, and their pale, silky ribbons are sure to set off the rich greenery of any Christmas tree. 

Each bauble in the set is unique, with every one showcasing a different element of Irish culture and history. One bears an iconic Claddagh ring, headed by a descriptor of the three values it embodies: love, represented by the heart; loyalty, represented by the crown; and friendship, represented by the hands. Another shows a Celtic cross, echoing the many stone variants that have dotted Ireland since the Middle Ages. A third shows a traditional Irish shamrock, and the fourth bears an illustration of a Celtic harp, which has long been associated with the Gaelic ruling class.

Each of the four baubles is brightened by a ring of Celtic knots in red, yellow, blue, and green, ringing its central image and beautifully tying the whole look together. Whether you purchase this delightful set of Irish baubles for yourself or a loved one this holiday season, be sure to do it without delay. Christmas is a-coming!