JC Walsh & Sons Ltd.

Irish Afternoon Tea Tin


■ Irish Afternoon Tea containing carefully selected Black Tea, a great accompaniment for sandwiches, scones, or any other food of your choice 
■ Made from 16 ounces of whole leaves of tea, providing refined taste and color for an unforgettable experience 
■ The tea is packaged in a high-quality canister that can be reused as tin or caddy for future loose leaf tea 
■ The canister is crafted of metal, combating all of the elements that could degrade the quality of the tea 


Our Irish Afternoon Loose Leaf tea should not be missed by any Irish household! This 16-ounce black tea has a strong and tasteful flavor, making it the ideal accompaniment for any afternoon snack or meal. Whether you serve it with milk, sugar, or drink it simply as it is, the tea will provide an unforgettable experience.
The tea comes in a high-quality metallic canister that can be reused for future loose-leaf tea storage or other purposes. The metal tea canister protects the tea from all of the elements that could degrade its quality, making it an excellent choice for storing infusions. Besides its great practicality, the vintage-looking canister is also charming, capturing the Irish essence. The tin measures approximately 4.33’’ x 3.14’’ and has tea-serving instructions written on one of its sides. For reusing the tin, simply wash it with a soft cloth and soap.
After a hard day, sit back and enjoy our tasty Irish tea. A lovely souvenir from Ireland, this tea will delight your taste buds.